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Dumbbell workout for women: 7 Things you should know

Dumbbell workout for women - 7 things you should know

When wanting to lose weight and improve their figure, most women turn to cardio exercises like jogging or aerobic. But cardio exercises aren’t enough to help you form a fit and tight body. That’s why almost all exercise programs consist of cardio exercises and muscle training. If you don’t have time to go to the gym regularly but you want to tone your body, the easiest and most inexpensive muscle workout that you can do at home is exercising with dumbbells.

Dumbbell workout for women: 7 Things you should know

Exercising with dumbbells will positively affect both your appearance and your physical and mental health. Here’s why you need to include dumbbell exercises in your fitness plan in order to achieve the desired fitness results.

Dumbbell workout for women - 7 things you should knowDumbbell exercises will make you physically stronger

Exercising with dumbbells can significantly make you more stronger and independent. When you get stranger, you won’t need someone to help you carry a bit heavier stuff. You’ll feel that you do your everyday chores around the house faster and easier, you’ll pick up your children easily into your arms and you’ll reduce the chances of injury. Studies have shown that moderate exercise with dumbbells can increase woman’s strength by 30 to 50%.

Dumbbell exercising reduces the risk of illnesses

Regular dumbbell exercise reduces the risk of chronic illnesses. Austrian scientists found that this type of  exercise reduces the blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Also by losing weight and reducing body fat, you might prevent the development of this disease. Dumbbell exercises with and having a normal blood pressure can reduce the risk of stroke by 40% and the risk of heart attack by 15%, according to researchers.

Dumbbell workout is good for the brain

UK research has shown that regular dumbbell workout can increase the brain productivity by 15% in the days when you do dumbbell workout, compared to the days when you skip this exercise. Studies have confirmed that dumbbell exercises can improve short-term and long term memory and showed that people can exercise while they concentrate and pay attention.

Dumbbell workout may strenghten your bones

Dumbbell workout may increase the bone density and thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Studies have shown that if you exercise with dumbbells for four months, it can lead to increased bone density by 19%. Osteoporosis is a common condition especially in older women. Eating foods rich in calcium, combined with dumbbell exercise, is the best weapon in prevention of this disease.

Dumbbell exercises won’t make you look like a bodybuilder

Many women are afraid that if they start exercising with dumbbells, they’ll develop big muscles like a man. This is very untrue. The female body doesn’t produce a much testosterone as men, and that hormone is very important for the development of big and strong muscles. With normal and regular dumbbell exercise it’s impossible for a woman to create too much muscle mass. Women that are professional bodybuilders put a lot of time and effort in different exercises, they have a special diet and do a lot of other things to achieve that super muscular look.

Dumbbell exercises can improve your mood

Perhaps this will astonish you, but the more your exercise, the easier you can cope with stressful situations. The results of a US study showed that people who exercise regularly have lower levels of stress hormones. Another study found that after a stressful situation, the blood pressure returned to normal faster in people with bigger muscle mass than people with less muscles. Dumbbell exercises can help you overcome stress, reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Dumbbell workout will make your body toned and fit

With regular dumbbell workout you’ll get toned muscles. Two women with equal weight and height will look quite different if one has a firm tight body, and the other not so much. Dumbbell exercises will speed up your metabolism and your muscles will continue to burn calories even when you’re relaxing or sleeping.

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