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5 tips how to burn more calories

Develop bigger muscle mass. Unlike the fatty layers, muscles remain active when the body rest. Even the smallest muscle contraction lead to burning calories.

Make sure you sleep well. Today, many researches have proved the link between sleep and weight. Ensure a quality and peaceful sleep, because lack of sleep leads to increased body weight.

Be active. Each activity leads the body to burn calories. So, for example ironing clothes (1 hour) burns 130 calories, shopping (3 hrs) – 641 calories, passionately making love (30 minutes) – 250 calories, etc.

Do sports. We all understand how important sport is not only to achieve good appearance but also for maintaining good health. Different sports help us to burn different number of calories. Select sport that you are able to do and do not avoid it.
Skiing (1 hour) – 500 to 700 calories
Fitness and aerobics (1 hour) – 300 to 600 calories
Swimming (1 hour) – 300 calories

Expose to different temperatures. Even a little bit more extreme temperature helps the body to burn more calories. Therefore, keep the bedroom temperature lower.

These tips will help you to burn more calories. How much calories you can burn, depends on your age, weight, gender and other factors.

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