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How to know if your ex still wants you

You will never be able to erase the old relationships from your life, especially if you still maintain contact with your ex. So always  in front of you stands the question whether he moved on or still has feelings for you? To get the answer easier there are several signs that will tell you if the old spark it is not dead.

He constantly makes attempts to stay in touch with you. If your ex is looking a way to communicate with you that means that he admires you and thinks of you.  He also wants to be near you and is interested in everything that happens in your life.
Speaks for your mutual past. As time passes, your quarrels fade away and remain in memory only the beautiful moments. At least it is so. If he constantly recall how beautiful moments you had together, it is a sure sign that he still desires you.
Invites you to go out with company. When your relationship came to an end, it is uncomfortable for him to invite you to go out alone. When he invites you to go out with a company, he is looking to spend some time as much as possible near you. So if you want to restore the relationship with him, this is a real sign to make sure that he wants it.
Sends you a card or gift for holidays. This is a good sign that he is not happy that you are not together, especially if the gift is something you can wear or use regularly. With the gift he wants to stay in your heart and to not to forget him.
He remained in touch with your friends to find out more about you. If he tries to find out more about you and your life from your friends or talk to them how good you have been together, he tries those words to you to reach to you.

If you notice these signs in his behavior, make sure that you are still in his heart. Now the question remains: how are you feeling? Would you like to start the relationship again or not? Think then act.

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