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Benefits of face massage

The use of cosmetics, even the most effective ones, without applying it with massage movements are equal to the use of slimming cream, without exercising.

On the face there are many muscles and it is part of the body that is most venerable to stress. So one of the main features of the massage is to remove tension. Developed bone structure allows you to make enough pressure during the massage. But the movement must be precise and smooth.

Massaging the face should be done after applying the cosmetic cream because the skin is fragile and if  you do not moisturize it can be easily traumatized and stretched. Thanks to the massage the skin is supplied with blood, and thus has a beneficial effect of the fibers of collagen and elastin.

In summary, the main 5 reasons to do your facial massage are are:

1. Removal of total physical tension.
2. Toning the skin and muscles.
3. Creating clear and embossed facial features.
4. Improve the color of the face.
5. Lower the signs of aging.

We offer you some simple massage tips that you can do it alone every day after application of cosmetic products.

Neck massage:
With stretched and tense fingers lightly massage your  neck with circular movements – from the bottom to the top. With your fingers or palm smooth the skin of the neck from the bottom to your chin.

Chin massage:
Put your fist under your chin. With the middle finger and forefinger of your right hand smooth the chin from the bottom to the lower lip. Put the three middle fingers (index, middle and ring finger) of your both hands on your temples, and thumbs – in the middle under the chin. With light movements, smooth the skin of the chin, moving your thumbs from the center to the end of the jawbone.

Mouth massage:
The lips should be in a position such as you blow a kiss. With a circular motion smooth the skin around the lips. Then place your left hand on left cheek for support and smooth your mouth with the middle finger of your right hand and then repeat this with the opposite side.

Nose massage:
Massage the nose starting from its sides to the area between the eyes, first with cross and then with a circular motion.  Then, massage the center of the nose, along with the cheekbones to the ears.

Cheek massage:
When you massage them you should always stabilize the skin under your chin by placing one of your palms squeezed into fist. The cheek massage is made with soft circular movements – from your chin to the soft part of the ear. Then repeat the movements in the same direction by tapping gently with the soft part of the fingers.

Eye massage:
Close your eyes. Place your fingers on the inner corners of your eyes and gently move your fingers pressing on the upper eyelid to the outer corners of your eyes. By tapping gently with your fingers go back to the inner edge of the eyes. Then with a circular motion, with one or two fingers move toward the outer corner. The massage ends with a gentle tapping of the outer and inner corner of eye.

Forehead massage:
Place your fingers in the middle of the forehead. Simultaneously smooth the forehead moving the fingers of your right hand to the right, and with the fingers of your left hand to the left. Repeat the same movements with gentle tapping.

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