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Oils most suitable for human skin

The oils from this group have a composition similar to the human skin oils. They are absorbed and well accepted by the skin.

Almond Oil
Almond oil is a classic skin favorite – it penetrates into the skin very well and is suitable for all skin types and all ages.
Its lipid composition is closest to the human one and because of its good effect it is called ‘skin’ oil. It is most often used in cosmetics and as a base oil in aromatherapy. It is rapidly absorbed, soothes, softens and smooths the skin. It is no coincidence that since ancient times it is used as a massage oil for babies and children. There are many good effects with dry, sensitive and aging skin. Is described in any pharmacopoeia and is widely used in medicine. It does not irritate or cause allergic reactions. Almond oil is among the most powerful natural stimulants for growing and strengthening the hair. It nourishes the roots, stimulates growth and improves shine and elasticity. It is also suitable for body massage.

Apricot Oil
It is close to the composition and action of almond oil. Contains a little more and active vitamin F which moisturize skin and helps with skin regeneration. It is suitable for dry and aging skin – has markedly good effect against wrinkles! It is used in quality anti-age cosmetics. While it is not standardized in pharmacopoeias it used in some medicines, even for injections. Can be used as massage oil for babies and young children.

Peach Oil
In its composition is close to the apricot and almond oil. It is suitable for dry and aging skin and it has good anti-wrinkle effect. It is absorbed more slowly into the skin, making it suitable for long massages for all skin types. It helps the fingers to glide without stretching the skin and it gives velvety softness and smoothness.

Avocado Oil
This is one of the oils with most rich composition with fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D, fruit extracts and macro-and micro-nutrients. It is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It is easily absorbed, and can be combined with other oils in all kinds of masks for every skin type. Thanks to its rich composition, avocado oil restores skin disorders due to aging of the skin and restores its lipid balance. It contributes to the synthesis of new collagen and it is widely used in cosmetics for sensitive skin.

Olive Oil
From the ancient times people have discovered the wonderful properties from the olive oil. It contains all kinds of oil-soluble vitamins, essential elements, phytosterols, phospholipids and extracts. This primary oil is most valuable for food purposes, but its continued use for cosmetic purposes gives the skin a waxy, matte complexion. To avoid this effect, the oil is purified and becomes good for cosmetic and medical purposes. Olive oil prevents the drying of the skin, and with it the formation of wrinkles.

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