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8 Fashion Color Trends for Winter

8 Fashion Color Trends for Winter

Romantic, attractive, luxurious, practical and complex are the actual colors for the winter season. Fashion designers once again showed their love for black and white in their new collections, however they also highlighted their creativity through inventive use of interesting colors. Here are 8 fashion color trends for winter:

8 Fashion Color Trends for Winter

Fashion color trends for winter – Royal Purple 

All shades of purple, especially the darker ones like royal purple, are an absolute hit and fashion designers obviously love the sophisticated, dramatic and mysterious look that this color gives. So get ready, go shopping for some unique purple pieces of clothing and take advantage of the power of purple.

Fashion color trends for winter – Royal Blue

If royal purple is popular, then royal blue is definitely the king of the runways. This is probably due to the fact that royal blue has a depth and intensity that leaves an aristocratic and conservative impression to every piece of clothing that has this color. Royal blue is also a huge hit with the fashion designers and they use it frequently, especially when it comes to gowns and dresses for special occasions.

Fashion color trends for winter – Champagne

Neutral shades stay among the trends and they’re never unnoticed. Femininity and elegance of the champagne color will instantly give you a look of charm and sophistication, so it should definitely be part of your clothes collection. If you don’t like wearing clothes in this neutral color, then at least use it in accessories like bags and shoes.

Fashion color trends for winter – Dark Red

Rock the look of a ‘femme fatale’ with rich and deep shades of red. You can choose any shade of dark red, from lighter shades like Fire Brick red to darker shades like Burgundy red or even Maroon. But even though the dark shades of red are a trend, the light ones are equally striking and impressive.

Fashion color trends for winter – Silver / Gray

Whenever you want it or not, in the cold winter days you can’t escape from the gray shades of color. And the best thing about silver / gray is that any shade of this color goes great with any other color. Choose light gray that looks like silver and you won’t make a mistake. Darker shades of gray are also a great choice if you want to tone down a more vibrant outfit.

Fashion color trends for winter – Mustard

Autumn makes the leaves go yellow and gold, so this warm and exotic shade of yellow is not only great for fall but also for winter. Although at first glance the mustard color may seem problematic to combine with other colors, actually, it can be matched harmoniously with many other colors, including gray, royal purple and turquoise.

Fashion color trends for winter – Dark Turquoise

Turquoise is a perfect mix of blue and green, which remind us of the depths of the ocean and the unreachable magical appeal of the precious emerald. The lighter shade of this color is great for summer, but the darker one is a must for winter. Combine it royal purple color to create a sophisticated and luxurious outfit.

Fashion color trends for winter – Black and White

And of course, last but not least is the all time favorite black and white combination. The fashion collections for the winter season are flooded with an ever-modern black and white combinations. And they’re right, black and white go with virtually any color in any outfit combination that you can imagine.

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