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Signs that your ex wants you back

Signs that your ex wants you back

You’ve just broken up, but even though you both were fine with it, you still think that he has feeling for you. Do you want to find out if your ex still keeps you in his heart and wants you back? Look for these following signs and you’ll find out if he still wants you back.

Signs that your ex wants you back

He tries to make physical contact with you

It is an optimistic sign if he tries to make physical contact with you whenever you two meet – he holds your hand, he gives you compliments while he is touching your face, he hugs you often and so on.

He calls you often, and he often contacts you on social media

This is a sure sign that he is afraid he might lose contact with you and that’s why he uses technology to stay closer to you. Another reliable sign is if your conversations are long and meaningful – he simply doesn’t want to stop talking to you.

He makes some changes and immediately notifies you about it

After you’ve left him, he tries to accept any criticism that you had about him, he makes changes and uses the first opportunity to announce it. You were annoyed by his laziness? After your separation he immediately does a job search, and immediately after he got the job he runs to you to tell you the news. By having such behavior he wants to tell you that he is inclined to do a lot of things so you’ll return to him.

He keeps repeating your name

If it repeats your name over and over again when you talk, it is a good sign. Perhaps he feels a great relief and happiness that he has the opportunity to address you and to pronounce your name. Stronger evidence that he wants you back is if he is using the nickname that he used when you were in a relationship (teddy bear, love,  sweetheart etc).

He is talking about your relationship with nostalgia

When your relationship ‘accidentally’ becomes a topic of conversation, you can see the sadness in his eyes and also you can see that he is nostalgic about what you’ve had together. That means he is not ready to leave the beautiful memories behind and he still wants you to be together.

He calls you when he is under an influence of alcohol

His conversation appears stretched and not connected, which suggests that he drank a little more. In this situation he can tell you how he really feels, and if you ‘blow him off’ the next day he will blame the alcohol for the ‘talk’. But also, he may call you and begin to talk about something that is not related to you both. And it is a positive sign. Why? Many reach for the alcohol to feel better after a break up. If he does that, it means that you are in his thoughts while he is drinking, and that you are the reason for his emptied glasses.

His status on social media is still ‘In a Relationship’

Don’t think that the change wasn’t made because it didn’t came to his mind or because he didn’t have time. He doesn’t changed his status because he hopes that he is not done with you. But before you feel happy about it, check if his status applies to you. However, there are men who easily go from one relationship to another.

He sends you ‘messengers’

Sometimes what he wants to tell you may come to you through his friends. Men talk to their friends just like we women do, so his friends should know if he still wants you back. If your ex doesn’t want anything to do with you, his friends will not mention anything about your relationship and will not address you as a couple.

He tells you that his friends / family / dog misses you

In this way he actually uses them in an indirect way to tell that he just miss you.

He asks you first for some opinions

He is asking for your opinion too often? It is not because he values you as a friend, but because it is your opinion and he wants you to take part in his decisions of his life.

You know what? If you are seriously considering whether you have seen these signs in him, you probably still have feelings for him. Yes, in some cases you can do it purely because of curiosity, but there is a probability that you want to continue the relationship as much as he does.

Want to renew your relationship? Consider whether he and your relationship deserve a second chance. If your answer is yes, return of the signals that he sends you.

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