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Natural and effective home remedies

Natural and effective home remedies

You have an annoying hiccup and you can’t stop it? Your feet are killing you? Your husband is snoring? You have a troubling headache? Here are some natural and effective home remedies that are unusual, but might help you to relieve some unpleasant conditions:

Important! Consult your doctor if you experience severe symptoms of the conditions below.

Natural and effective home remedies


Home remedy for stubborn hiccup

The solution is sugar. Put 1 teaspoon of sugar on your tongue, and let it dissolve slowly or you can drop a few drops of water on it to make it dissolve faster. The sugar granules will stimulate the nerve that causes contractions of the diaphragm. Just be careful not to inhale some sugar if you have a really bad hiccup. You can also try this with one teaspoon of honey.

Homemade solution for smelly feet

The solution is Brandy or some other strong alcohol. Soak a cotton cloth with spirit and wipe your feet with it and make sure that you clean the area between your toes too. Alcohol disinfects and reduces the humidity that allows the bacteria and fungus to grow and multiply. Also have at least 3 pairs of shoes and wear a different pair every day, this way the other pair of shoes will dry and the bacteria won’t multiply as much. And whenever you can, indulge in some homemade foot soaks and scrubs.

Homemade remedy for headache

The solution is a wooden pencil. A large percentage of headaches are caused by tension and stress. When you’re anxious, you’re unconsciously squeezing your jaw, and that tightens the muscles that connect the jaw to the temples. The result is a headache. Put a clean wooden pencil between your teeth, but don’t bite it, just let it stay between your teeth. This position will help your muscles to relax instantly and thus reducing the headache. You can also try massaging your temples with 1-2 drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil.

Home solution for tired feet

The solution is tennis ball. If you’re often wearing high heels, then you you surely had pain in your feet. If you’re looking to alleviate the pain in your aching feet, place a tennis ball under your foot and slide your foot back and forth on it. By doing this, you’ll get a relaxing foot massage.

Homemade remedy for snoring

The solution is soft foam ball. This little trick might look a little bit funny, but it’s one of the most effective home treatments against snoring. It is well known that most people snore when they’re sleeping on their backs so here’s the trick: Place a soft (but not too soft) foam ball in a pouch or in a soft pocket of old clothes that you have cutout, and sew it in the mid-back of your cotton pajamas. The ball will cause slight discomfort when you lie on your back and this will prevent you to lie on your back while you sleep.

Homemade solution for blisters

The solution is mouthwash. The mouthwash can serve you to treat those painful blisters that your new shoes made. Soak a cotton pad with the mouthwash and apply it on your blisters three times a day until they dry out. It might sting a little at first but after few applications your feet will feel much better.

Home remedy for minor cuts and scrapes

The solution is raw honey. If you have a small cut or scrapes and you want them to heal faster, you can use raw or Manuka honey. Clean your cut or scrapes with water and mild soap first and dry it well. Apply a thin coat of raw honey or Manuka honey (normal honey won’t work), place a sterile gauze on top and dress it with bandage (or if the cut is small just place a band aid). Raw honey has anti-bacterial properties and it’ll make your small cut or scrapes heal faster.

Homemade remedy for motion sickness

The solution is olives. The motion sickness or travel sickness is usually accompanied by secretion of large amounts of saliva, which causes dizziness and even more nausea. Olives contain substances that will dry your mouth and prevent nausea. And because they are a little tart and salty, they will ‘refresh you’ a little bit and make you feel slightly better. Eating a little piece of fresh lemon might also help.

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