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10 things men might not know about women

Women do not hate football
They hate that even if they are naked, when you watch a match, you won’t pay them attention.

Women also tell vulgar jokes
But be careful, because they are able to joke seriously at you.

For one thing lie easily
For their age or the size of their bra.

You think about careers, money, investments
And they are interested in your relationship, and everything revolves around that for women.

Headache is no longer excuse for women to escape the bedroom adventures
So if she say that she is not emotional about these things right now, do not worry, she just don’t want sex – tonight. The reason is not you.

Subconsciously blame the baby, which made them fat
But they’ll yell at you, so get used to that.

She likes your blue tie and a new shirt
Nonsense! If a woman tells you that, know that she doesn’t care about the tie,  she just likes you.

If you open the door you’re gentleman
If you do not hold the elevator door for her, you are coward. If you pay by check you want to display your financial independence, if you hold the door of car or restaurant you’re gentleman. Woman needs someone to care for her. You can not understand them. Just be gentleman.

No matter what she says, she doesn’t mean it
She envies your mother, your sister, your ex-girlfriend, your new secretary . . .  female nature.

Size doesn’t matter to her
It has never been.

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