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10 Beauty tips for your nighttime routine

Beauty tips for your nighttime routine

Do you want to look fresh and be organized in the morning ? Then you can start to prepare yourself before you go to bed so you can be ready to go in the morning. Here are 10 beauty tips for your nighttime routine that will help you wake up fresh and rested and easily go from sleepy to fantastic.

Beauty tips for your nighttime routine

Nighttime beauty tip #1: Choose your outfit for the next day

In the evening, go to your closet and decide what you’ll wear to work or school the next day. Choosing your outfit in the evening will make you feel more relaxed and calm in the morning because you won’t spend hours deciding what to wear. Also, in the morning you will have more time to prepare yourself a healthy breakfast, you won’t have to rush to work or school, and you will look and feel great.

Nighttime beauty tip #2: Brush and floss your teeth

Brushing our teeth at night is one of the first habits that we develop from early age. For many people brushing their teeth comes naturally, without even thinking about it . Flossing your teeth is just as important as brushing. It is recommended that you floss your teeth at least once daily before you go to bed. Flossing will remove the plaque between your teeth and in small places that your toothbrush can’t reach. So for a healthy and bright smile in the morning, add flossing to your beauty nighttime routine.

Nighttime beauty tip #3: Pluck your eyebrows

If you notice that you have some stray hair here and there and needs to be removed, the best time to do it is in the evening. Shaping your eyebrows or removing unwanted hair from your face should be done in the evening, especially if you have very sensitive skin. The tiny red dots and redness that appear after plucking or waxing will most likely disappear until the next morning, because the skin will have enough time to heal from the irritation.

Nighttime beauty tip #4: Clean and nourish your face

Here is where you step in with your own beauty nighttime routine. Every woman has her own beauty nighttime routine and products that work for her skin type, so you should have some too. The most important thing is to clean your face properly. During the day, dust and dirt stick on your face in addition to your makeup and moisturizer. No matter how tired you are, it is necessary to spend at least five minutes to clean your face. This will prevent the appearance of acne, pimples, blackheads, wrinkles and unpleasant irritations. After you’ve cleaned your face, apply your favorite nighttime serum or cream. If you choose the natural way, apply some moisturizing oil that suits your skin type – you can choose from avocado oil to coconut oil, the important thing is to find the one that works the best for you. If you are over 30 years, you should also nourish the delicate skin around your eyes.

Nighttime beauty tip #5: Moisturize your lips

If you want to wake up with soft and silky lips, you should moisturize them overnight. After washing and flossing your teeth, use a DIY moisturizing lip scrub or brush them with a clean toothbrush for one minute. This will get rid of the dead skin cells and dry skin. Then, before you go to bed, apply some moisturizing lip balm or honey (if you use honey resist the temptation to eat it). The next morning you will have soft and kissable lips.

Nighttime beauty tip #6: Make yourself a tea and put the teabags in the fridge

This is very useful beauty trick for tour nighttime routine because it really works. If you have trouble with dark under eye circles and puffy eyes in the morning here is what you can do: Before you go to bed, drink a relaxing chamomile or mint tea. Then if you have two teabags put them in the fridge, or pour some tea in a small bowl, soak two cotton pads and place them in the fridge. In the morning place the two cold teabags or cotton pads on your eyes for 5 minutes. It will significantly reduce the tired and puffy eyes. If you don’t drink tea, you can put two spoons in the fridge and in the morning place them on your eyes for 5 minutes – this method also works.

Nighttime beauty tip #7: Stretch

You don’t need to do some complicated yoga exercises, simply stretch and relax your muscles. It will relax you and you will sleep better. A good night’s sleep will make you even more fresh and beautiful in the morning.

Nighttime beauty tip #8: Sleep in clean sheets and bedding

Your sheets and bedding constantly accumulate dust, dirt and dead skin cells, things that you definitely don’t want on your face and body. That’s why you should often change your pillowcase and sheets. Change your pillowcase at least every 3-4 days and completely change your sheets at least once a week . You will feel more comfortable and cozy when you lie in them (everyone loves clean bedding), and you’ll also prevent the appearance of pimples and acne.

Nighttime beauty tip #9: Use a satin or silk pillowcase

If you can, use silk or satin pillowcase because the smooth material is gentle for your skin and hair. Silk pillowcase won’t dry the moisture from your skin and hair, which will result it less wrinkles on your face, and it’ll also won’t make your hair frizzy in the morning.

Nighttime beauty tip #10: Sleep on your back, not on your belly

If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll wake up with wrinkles all over your face. The pressure on your skin will create lots of tiny wrinkles and puffy face, and also you’ll have wrinkles on your chest and neckline.

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