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Reduce the chances for divorce

Maybe your mother or grandmother would advise you not to miss any of the old customs of the wedding day to have happiness and a long marriage, but we will tell you that really affect to have a successful marriage.

Wait until you’re 25.If you wait until your 25th year to get married, you will reduce the chances of divorce for 24%. So you will have a few additional years to explore the world, to do all the things that you want to do, properly to select the man with who you will spend the rest of your life.
Have a baby later. If you have a baby after you’ve already been married at least seven months, you reduce the risk to have a divorce in 24%. Couples who marry when the woman is pregnant, often do it so because of the baby, not because their relationship is strong.
Finish your studies. If you go to university, you increase your chances for the marriage to succeed and you reduce the risk of divorce by 13%. There are two reasons. The first is that the university degree will get you better job and you will earn more money and it will at least eliminate the financial problems, which scatter many marriages. The second reason is that you learn to communicate better, and it is very important for the success of a marriage.
Be a believer. Marriages of people who are religious and believe in God, have 14% more likeness to succeed. It probably is because the religion does not approve divorce, and not because religious people are happier in marriage.
Maintain close relationship with your father. Women who do not maintain or have a weak link with her father, are at greater risk of divorce, compared to women who are close with their fathers. If you’re close with your father, you are growing in life with the feeling that you are loved and safe and you can  better  understand the man next you.

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