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How to make it on the first day of work

You had an excellent documents for applying, you did great at the interview and you got a dream job. But this is not the end. The next step in your career and maybe is not so simple as you thought. Now you must prove yourself so that your employer will know that he made the right choice when he chose you.

Most employers are testing all new employees, which usually lasts three months. During this time you should prove that you can perform all tasks and leave a good impression with your employer and the team you work.

First day of the new job carries a lot of stress. To reduce stress, and at the same time able to introduce yourself properly, you need to know how to prepare. Here’s what you should  include in your preparations.

A week earlier

Confirm the date. One week before starting work, verify the date of which you should show up in the workplace. Also be informed for the exact location of the company.

Plan your transport. If you go by car, find out where you can park in the area or whether the company has its own parking. If you use public transport, Plan your trip, so you won’t be late.

Find out what the dress code is. Learn about whether the company has a dress code or uniform and prepare appropriate clothing.

Change your sleeping habit. Go to bed early and wake up early, as when you’ll start going to work. Get used to waking up early, if this wasn’t your habit.

Learn more about the company. Explore in the newspapers and the Internet and find as much as you can about the company’s activities and services. This will make you more ready and more confident, and in first working day you’ll not feel lost.

On the same day

Be careful with the clothes. The best thing on the first working day is to wear conservative clothing. You should stand out at the very beginning, but you shouldn’t collect malicious glances. A professional, conservative look always helps.

Be accurate. No one will be delighted if you start late and start to fuss about morning traffic. Don’t go too early either. Show that you are accurate and show up to a maximum of 10 minutes before opening time.

Meet with colleagues. Be friendly and meet with all colleagues. Try to remember the names of everyone. This will show that you are interested.

Avoid the gossiping. It is likely that you will be the main subject of gossiping that day. But if  an unpleasant chat starts in front of  you, politely excuse yourself and leave. You don’t want from the first day to be labeled as a gossiper.

Watch your body language. When you interact with your new colleagues, be careful of the signs your body sends. Be relaxed and confident. Establish a direct contact with your eyes and smile often.

Do not be afraid to ask. It is normal to ask questions on the first working day. It will not make you look incompetent. It’s better to ask and know how to do things, than to assume that you know everything but actually doing something wrong.

Listen and Watch. On the first day,  it is best to listen and observe carefully what is happening around you. Remember that you are new and that it is better to listen than to talk.

Get notes. Starting from the first day you will constantly learn new information and you will always have to remember everything. Therefore, it is best to have a notebook, in which you will write everything that you think is important.

The first working day can be very hard, but if you’re prepared for everything, you’ll be able to better concentrate on what you learn and work there without making errors. Good luck!

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