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8 bad beauty habits that can affect your beauty

8 bad habits that can affect your beauty

We women are trying constantly to take care of our skin and learn new ways and beauty tricks on how to improve the natural beauty of our face.

But sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we make mistakes that harm our delicate facial skin. Here are some of the most common bad habits that can affect your beauty and tips how to break the bad beauty habits:

8 bad habits that can affect your beauty

Bad beauty habit #1: Using dirty makeup brushes

You know that you should regularly clean your makeup brushes, but you always use them before going out, so you don’t have time to clean them and you keep postponing the cleaning for ‘tomorrow’.

Makeup brushes are the ideal environment for bacteria growth and accumulation of dirt. By using dirty brushes you’ll apply the germs and dirt directly back onto your skin.

Break the bad beauty habit: Along with the weekly cleaning around the house, clean your makeup brushes too. It is recommended that makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week with baby shampoo. Clean the lipstick and foundation brushes after each use and the eyeshadow and powder brushes at least once a week.

Bad beauty habit #2: Sleeping with makeup

You’ve had a crazy night, drank more than two or three drinks, got tired from dancing and immediately collapsed on your bed. But what about the makeup? You’ve probably told yourself that you’ll wash your face in the morning and as a bonus you’ll apply a face mask and then you’ve fallen asleep. But the truth is that a face mask won’t repair the damage that the makeup does at night.

Makeup closes the pores and keeps the dirt and bacteria on your skin. If you have skin prone to acne, you should never allow yourself to go to bed with makeup.

Break the bad beauty habit: Keep makeup removing wet wipes near to your bed. When you find yourself in a situation when you are too lazy to get out of bed, remove the makeup with them. That way you’ll clean your face and protect your pillowcase from the makeup. But, of course, don’t let this to become a habit because nothing can beat the cleanser and water.

Bad beauty habit #3: Not enough sleep

Many Hollywood beauties claim that the secret of their beauty is a good 8 hour sleep. So why can’t we accept this free beauty treatment to get beautiful skin?

No matter how much concealer you put on, if you don’t have enough sleep, your skin won’t have a healthy glow, not to mention that you’ll also get a dark circles around your eyes or you’ll get puffy eyes. Sleep also relax the body and relieves it form stress which helps fighting acne and premature aging.

Break the bad beauty habit: Try to get an everyday sleep from 7.5 to 8 hours at least. Your skin will find a way to thank you for it.

Bad beauty habit #4: Rubbing your eyes

The alarm rings, you are trying to recover faster from the sleep, and then you rub your eyes. Don’t do that! The habit of rubbing your eyes may look harmless, but it can actually harm not only your beauty but also your eye health.

Rubbing irritates the gentle skin around the eyes and that often is the reason for the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. In addition, you can transfer dirt and bacteria to your eyes with your hands, so instead of fresh eyes, you’ll have red eyes.

Break the bad beauty habit: In the morning, instead of lying in bed, just get up and wash your eyes with cold water to recover from sleep and to freshen up. Whenever you yawn and notice that your hands are headed for the eyes, control yourself and put them down. Everything is about breaking the habits. If you want to rub your eyes because they’re itching, and if they’re itching you for a long time, then it is possible that you have some kind of an allergy or inflammation and you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Bad beauty habit #5: Exfoliating too often

Face scrubs and chemical exfoliants can make your face shiny and glowing, because they remove the surface layer of your skin that has a lot of dead skin cells.

But frequent exfoliation can irritate your skin and it can easily become red and dry, and if you suffer from acne, you’ll make things even worse.

Break the bad beauty habit:  In summer, use a gentle homemade face scrub two to three times a week. During the winter, exfoliate your skin once a week because in winter it can become dry and excessive exfoliation can make things worse.

Bad beauty habit #6: Washing your face with hot water

Washing your face is very beneficial for your skin, because that way you’ll get rid of accumulated dirt and excess oils. But many people think that they’ll get rid of the oily skin if they wash their face with hot water.

Hot water can actually harm your skin, rather than helping. It can cause the small capillaries on your face to break, and also stimulates the secretion of more oil from the sebaceous glands.

Break the bad beauty habit: Wash your face at least twice a day with lukewarm or cold water.

Bad beauty habit #7:  Washing your face before washing your hair

Many people wash their face before showering, or when they shower they wash their face first and then continue with their hair. Experts warn that this is a mistake, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to irritation and acne.

Conditioners and hair masks, which women regularly use, contain oils that stay on the face, clogging the pores and causign blackheads and acne.

Break the bad beauty habit: First, wash your hair thoroughly and use a conditioner, then wash your face to remove any traces of shampoo, conditioner or hair mask.

Bad beauty habit #8: Drinking with a straw

Perhaps it is more interesting and fun to drink your juice or cocktail with a straw, but if you do it regularly, your beauty will suffer.

Constant squeezing of the mouth when you drink from a straw, leads to creation of fine lines or wrinkles around your mouth. Over time they become more visible.

Break the bad beauty habit: Use a straw in rare cases, like when you drink a special cocktail. But in everyday cases, drink directly from the glass.

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