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13 tips to be happier

Invite the happiness for it to be a permanent guest in your life. Do not sit indifferently while your life passes in front of your eyes. Be an active seeker of the beautiful things, of the pleasures, of the joy.

Here are 13 tips that will bring more smiles to your everyday life:

1. Do not only hang out with people at your age!

Discussions with your peers sometimes become worn. Find the time to talk with a small child or an older person. Children have a lot to say, their honesty and carelessness will surely make you laugh. The elderly are able to rely on the great life experience and they always have some wise advice or an interesting story from the past. Take a look at the life through other eyes to see how beautiful and diverse it is.

2. Forgive people, even if you don’t tell them!

If you bring with yourself the anger and the hatred, you could never be completely happy. You don’t always have to tell people what they have done wrong and that you forgive them. Forgive them so you can feel emotionally calm, forgive them for yourself.

3. Read more, explore more!

Nowadays, reading books is somehow not in vogue. However, the entry into new worlds and learning new things can help you to better understand and improve your life. The more you read, the more curious you become. The more you are curious, the more you want to learn, to explore and research things that you admire. You are not a fan of the books? Start to explore online. Internet is endlessly hiding many interesting things that will leave you with mouth open and the will smile fool you.

4. Try something new!

Things that you have for a long time and things that you do for the 100th time wouldn’t even nearly make you as glad as it could do something new. Instead of the usual toast and sandwich, cook yourself a little fast gourmet food. The drink that you always drink at a coffee shop replace it with (without) an alcoholic cocktail. Rather than subscribe yourself again for the aerobics classes, go to yoga. Everything that is new will be interesting and it wouldn’t be possible to remain gloomy.

5. Buy yourself something new!

Yes, shopping is like therapy for women. But you don’t have to spend too much money to be happy and satisfied. Buy yourself a small perfume or scented candles and the new scent will ‘opiate’ you with happiness. Buy yourself a colorful scarf, an interesting ring, a new eye pencil… you won’t spend a lot of money and the satisfaction that you would feel would be great.

6. Go for a coffee with friends!

Hundreds of studies have shown that people who have a rich social life are happier and live longer. Solitude gives birth to resentment. Call your friends and enjoy a fun coffee-chat.

7. Recall your best kiss!

Hmm… Close your eyes and live again that magical kiss that made ​​your legs trembling. Immediately your heart will start beating faster and without wanting you will smile.

8. Never compare yourself with the others!

Everyone is a special individual, everyone is different, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, its successes and failures. A comparison can bring you envy and jealousy. You’re not like the others, so never compare with anyone.

9. Give something creative!

And again, you don’t have to empty your pocket to give a gift to someone that is important to you. Be inventive. Create a necklace, a jewelry box, draw something. And don’t say that you can’t draw. Each photo has a special emotional meaning, a special energy. Even the stupidest portrait could be worth a lot more for you and for the one that you want to give it away than a painting of a famous artist. The smile on his/her face when he/she will receive the gift will make you feel special.

10. Smile, though you do not feel like that!

And then when you miss something that will make you happy, smile! You will scam the brain and soon the happiness will visit you again.

11. Listen to your favorite music that lifts you from the chair!

Music may cause you different emotions, it may refresh many memories. Skip the songs you’ve listened to when you broke up with someone or when you thought the whole world is against you. Listen to the music that you raises your mood, that makes you joyful and brings you pleasant memories.

12. Skip the news, watch a comedy!

One day, skip all the news, don’t take a newspaper in your hands and don’t take a part in discussions about politics. Nowadays, youths are preoccupied with politics too, but such conversations carry only tensions and anxiety. Instead of the news, watch an episode of a comic TV series or the cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’ that you liked when you were a child.

13. Do a good thing!

Help the old granny cross the street or give some money to the man that searches for food in the trash container. You wouldn’t become rich if you had plus 1 dollar, but that money will greatly help him. Or, if you are able, give blood. It is an amazing feeling to know that you helped someone. You would be proud of that and of course happier.