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Choose fall and winter hats according to your style

Choose fall and winter hats according to your style

Although winter is still a few months away and it hasn’t stared to snow yet, the cloudy and rainy fall weather makes us to run into our closets and go through all of our fall and winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves.

Fall and winter accessories are very important because they have a dual function – they protect us from the cold weather and snow, and they make us more unique and stylish. And if you’re a creative fashionista, then you know that for a little money spent on fall and winter accessories you can make your outfit look like it just came directly from the catwalk.

Fall and winter hats are the most striking accessory that draws attention to your face. Some women avoid wearing hats, because they don’t want to ruin their hairstyle. But on the other hand, there’s nothing better than a fall and winter hat if you have a bad hair day and you think that your hair is a mess.

Nowadays, there is a huge selection of hats, and the best thing is that they come in all colors, shapes and styles. There are no limits, you only need to decide what style of fall and winter hat you want and to choose a hat that will complement your face shape and hairstyle.

Choose fall and winter hats according to your style

Here are some suggestions on what kind of fall and winter hats to choose according to your style:

Fall and winter hats – Practical and fun

If you are a person who spends the day mostly outdoor, even during the fall and winter, then you need a fall and winter hat that will give you comfort and warmth. You can choose a cable knitted, thick slouchy beanie that is ideal for fall and winter and it’ll also keep your ears warm and toasty. Also a cute knitted hat with ear flaps is an ideal option for winter if you want to stay warm.

If you like to tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun that can’t fit under a hat, you can also choose an earmuffs made with fake fur. Celebrities have also turned to fake fur to express their protest against the exploitation of animals, so if you choose fake fur you’ll also contribute to a good cause and you’ll look amazing. If you want to be extra practical, you can also choose earmuffs with headphones, that way your ears will be warm and cozy while you enjoy your favorite music.

Fall and winter hats – Simple and casual

It’s been said that beauty lies in simplicity and if you like to dress simple and casual, you need to choose a hat that will go with your outfit. Usually the simple and casual style involves a lot of basic pieces in solid colors, so a fall and winter hat can become the signature piece of the outfit that will show off your individuality. For fall you can choose a fedora hat that goes great with jeans and cardigans. For fall and winter you can also choose knitted slouchy or normal beanie with interesting details or patterns.

If you are crafty, you can buy a simple beanie and add some beads or ribbon to make it unique. Just unleash your creativity and you’ll end up with a cute and unique hat that no one else has.

Choose a hat that will bring color to your outfit. Don’t limit yourself to a hat in the same color as your outfit, but use the fall and winter hat to give brightness to the dark outfit.

Fall and winter hats – Elegant and romantic

If you like to dress elegant and romantic, then you need a hat that will emphasize your elegance. For fall you can choose a wide brimmed hat in a darker color like burgundy, dark gray or dark violet. If you like wearing classic coats or trench coats, especially the long, romantic ones, then wide brimmed hats are the perfect solution for you. Also a knitted or felted beret is excellent choice for the day or night, and it’ll make your outfit feminine and chic.

If you think that all stores have the same hats, and you want to stand out from the others, use your imagination and add some decoration to your hat. Buy some silk ribbon and tie it around the hat, add silk flower to on one side of the hat, or add some interesting brooch.

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