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Expert tips for hair care during winter

Expert tips for hair care during winter

Cold and dry air in winter take their toll on our hair. And because the air is so dry, your hair also gets dry and brittle easily. So winter is a time of the year where you need to take a good care of your hair. Here are a few expert tips for hair care during winter:

Hair care during winter – Cover your hair with a soft hat

Your hair is vulnerable when it’s exposed to the cold and dry air and wind. So using a soft and warm hat can help you to protect your hair from the direct exposure of freezing air. But be careful and don’t wear hats that are too tight. Make sure that you head is able to ‘breathe’ and that your scalp has a proper blood circulation.

Expert tips for hair care during winterHair care during winter – Don’t wash your hair with hot water

Despite the temptation to take a really hot shower when it’s bitter cold outside, don’t wash your hair with hot water. The hot water will strip down the natural oils and it’ll dry out your hair even more. Also you’ll strip down the oils from the scalp and it’ll start to produce even more oils and your hair will become more oily. Wash your hair with warm water that isn’t too hot.

Hair care during winter – Trim the dry ends

You hair starts to get dry from the ends and that’s why you need need to trim them in winter. Trimming the dry and split ends will refresh and make your hair look more healthy. So make sure that you visit your hairdresser this winter. If you are used to trimming your hair with every 6-8 weeks – shorten that period to 4-6 weeks in winter.

Hair care during winter – Use a conditioner

In summer you probably don’t use conditioner every time when you wash your hair because it get a little bit heavy, but in winter your hair needs the extra moisturizing more than ever. The conditioner will give your hair the necessary moisture and you’ll untangle it easily. In winter it’s better to use shampoos and conditioners that are moisturizing and nourishing.

Hair care during winter – Use homemade nourishing hair masks

You can easily whip up a homemade nourishing hair masks that will help your hair to stay healthy and vibrant in winter. All you need to do is to go into your kitchen, look into your fridge and kitchen cabinets and mix a moisturizing homemade hair mask. Homemade hair masks are easy to make and completely natural.

Hair care during winter – Use natural oils

For the colder months, using natural oils is a good solution to keep your hair healthy and shiny. You can choose your favorite natural oil like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter etc. You can apply couple of drops of your favorite natural oil hair on a damp hair, just don’t apply too much and avoid the roots or you can use them in a homemade hair mask recipes.

Hair care during winter – Don’t play with your hair

When you twist your hair around your finger or when you constantly play with it, it might look like a harmless habit but you can actually damage your hair. Also if you constantly touch your hair, especially your scalp, your hair will get oily faster. So try to avoid playing and touching your hair constantly.

Hair care during winter – Sleep on a silk pillow case

It might sound like something extravagant or posh, but the smoothness of the silk prevents your hair to get tangled while you sleep. Also silk won’t soak up the moisture from your hair like the cotton does, so your hair will be healthier and softer.

Hair care during winter – Brush your hair gently

If you are used to brush your hair while it’s wet, do it while you haven’t rinsed the conditioner. Avoid using metal combs, use soft brushes or combs with wide teeth. And remember, the most important thing is to not pull your hair too hard, start from the roots and slowly and gently untangle your hair.

Hair care during winter – Eat healthy food

Anyone who wants to take the best hair care in winter, it is better to consume enough protein, vitamin A, B, C, D and E and zinc. You can find these vitamins and minerals in vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, bread and fish oil. It’s also great if you take daily multivitamin supplements.

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