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12 tips to save your vision

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. They allow us to see the world around us, and to express our deepest emotions. It isn’t wrong to say that eyes are the mirror of the soul.

The modern lifestyle, which includes several hours of staring at the computer screens or TVs every day, affects the health of your eyes, so the number of people who wear glasses or contact lens increase. It should tell us that it is necessary to invest additional effort to minimize the negative effects.

We, people should learn not to take for granted the things that we are given. The good vision is something we all should appreciate and cherish, and here’s how:

1. Avoid dry air!

Dry air from air conditioning, fans and heaters reduces the moisture of the eyes, so you should avoid direct exposure to the effects of these devices. When in the car, adjust the climate to blows in your legs and not in the face. When using a dryer for drying hair, do not point the blowing in your face.

2. Protect yourself with sunglasses!

Wear sunglasses whenever you leave the home, even in winter. Glasses not only protect the eyes from the UV rays, but also protect them from the unpleasant wind, as well as the dirt and the dust that can easily end up inside the eye. It won’t be a mistake if while you’re at the beach, you’re wearing a hat. It will protect you from the sun rays coming from above the eyes, through the space that does not cover the glasses.

3. Wear swimming goggles!

Swimming goggles would protect your eyes from the chlorine or the salt in the swimming pools.

4. Always use a clean face towel!

You should not use a common towel with anyone else and you should not mix the face towel with the hand towel. Always wipe the face with a clean towel to avoid inflammation or infection.

5. Never go to bed with makeup!

It should become your habit, as soon as you enter home immediately clean the make-up of the eyes. If you’re tired, take baby wet wipes and remove the make-up while lying down. That will prevent it from entering into the eyes and to cause irritation.

6. Control your blood pressure!

If you don’t have problems with your blood pressure, measure it once every few months. But if you have had problems with the blood pressure, measure it whenever you feel any change, or once every few days. High blood pressure is the enemy of the good vision.

7. “Feed” your eyes!

Every part of your body is affected by the food you consume, including the eyes. Consume foods that contain antioxidants and vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. At least twice a week, eat fish and spinach, and eat more broccoli, eggs, carrots, cranberries, almonds, tomatoes and pumpkins.

8. Replace the milk chocolate with a dark chocolate!

When you want to eat something sweet, reach for the dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants that combat many eye diseases. All we need to look out when buying a dark chocolate is that the dark chocolate should contain at least 60-70% cocoa, that way the dark chocolate can have a better effect.

9. Blink frequently!

People often forget to blink while working on the computer, and it leads to dry eyes. From time to time look away from the screen and blink frequently for 10-15 times.

10. If you work on a computer every half an hour make a short break!

Set your mobile phone to give you a sign to make a break every half an hour. Take away your eyes from the monitor and focus on an object that is away from you (or on the other side of the room or stare through the window).

11. Protect yourself from the reflections of the screen!

Place the computer monitor so that the reflection of the light from the windows or the lamps to be minimal. That will reduce the stress of the eyes.

12. Cold milk for tired eyes!

If you need to go out and feel that your eyes are tired, soak cotton pads in cold milk and place them on eyelids. Lie down and relax a few minutes. You will be like new.

Eye Relaxation Exercises

Connect the hands and rub each other to warm them. Close your eyes and cover them with your palms. Stay in this position for 1 minute. If you are exhausted, put the elbows on a hard surface.
This exercise is great for releasing tension and relaxing the eyes.