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How to wake up early – Train yourself to wake up early

How to wake up early - Train yourself to wake up early

Perhaps the worst part of your day is getting out of bed, unless you’re one of those people who have the ability to jump out of bed, loaded with energy. To help you enjoy the most of your day, we’ve chosen to list some useful suggestions how to start each day energized and happy, with fresh eyes. Here’s how to wake up early and train yourself to wake up early:

How to wake up early - Train yourself to wake up early

How to wake up early – Stretch

Slow stretching like yoga or just ordinary stretching helps your body to be slowly recharged with energy. These movements will help to be focused, to clear your mind and to remove the ‘fogginess’ of sleep, which is sometimes present when you wake up early.

How to wake up early – Exercise

Once you wake up a great way to start the day is by doing some exercises that will help your blood circulation. You can exercise however you want – from warming up to jogging in place or dancing. Jumping in one place and push-ups also do the trick. Just make sure before you start to exercise that you’re properly warmed up and stretched.

How to wake up early – Don’t drink too much coffee

Yes, caffeine can help you to start off your day with energy, but excess coffee (more than 2 cups) can make you feel tired again in the middle of the day. Drink one cup per day and your energy level will be more stable. Also don’t forget the fresh juices and smoothies, they will also give you an energy boost.

How to wake up early – Stay hydrated

When you sleep, your body uses (and therefore loses) lots of water. Restore water balance with a few cups of cold water in the morning. This will not only refresh your body, but it’ll also help to stimulate the nervous system and digestive tract. Drink water as soon as you get up and you’ll be ready to cope with the stress during the day.

How to wake up early – Sleep consistently

Go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Your body likes consistency. Sticking to a regular schedule of sleeping and waking up, will make it easier for your body to wake up in the morning – and you’ll feel more rested during the day.

How to wake up early – Wake up with a nice music

If a loud and monotone alarm sound wakes you up in the morning it can be shocking and stressful for your body and mind. Also you’re subjected to a greater risk of heart failure (shocking sound can seriously harm some people with heart problems). Forget the loud alarm clock and invest in one that will wake you up more gently, like a clock radio, which gradually increases the volume of the music while your body get used to the awakening sound.

How to wake up early – Relax completely

Shut down your computer or TV before going to bed. Bright lights can distract the brain and it can be difficult to fully relax at night. If you turn off the bright electronic screens and lights an hour before going to sleep, you’ll relax and sleep more deeply and relaxed (which means that you’ll get a good night’s sleep and you’ll wake up easier in the morning).

How to wake up early – Take a morning shower

Early refreshing shower will wake up your nervous system and will help you feel lively during the day. Also choose a soap or shower gel with fresh and citusy scent that will make you feel refreshed and uplifted.

How to wake up early – Have a nice breakfast

Because you’re hungry all night, your body needs more energy to move and go through the day. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning (or just one fruit, plain yogurt, muesli and a whole wheat toast) and you’ll feel much better if you have to get up early.

How to wake up early – Breathe deeply

Early waking up for some people is an event that creates anxiety and stress. When they wake up, most people tend to think about the things that must be done during the day, stress at their workplace etc. These things can can quickly fill your head and overwhelm you. So as soon as you wake up, take a few deep breaths and calm your body and mind before you get out of bed.

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