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Sex helps mentally and physically

We are accustomed to associate sex with pleasure, which is absolutely true. But besides pleasure, sex has a beneficial effect of physical and mental health.

Sex cures headaches
Here is the most favorite excuse for women avoiding sex, turning against them. During sex the hormone oxytocin is released, resulting in the release of endorphins – morphine and peptides with immunoregulatory effect produced by central nervous system. Several studies show that due to increased oxytocin and the release of endorphins, the pain – in the head or body – goes away.

Sex removes stress and helps to improve sleep
Scientifically is proven that people who regularly have sex suffer less from insomnia and they cope better in stressful situations.
Sex not only improve sleep but it is also a reason to feel great throughout the day. And when you have slept well and have good self-esteem, everything becomes much easier.

Sex improves circulation
During sexual intercourse, the blood begins to circulate faster, the breathing quickens, your heart beat more strongly, and the blood stream to the brain increases. As a result, the body becomes saturated with the necessary dose of oxygen and throws out the toxins. In other words – sex purifies your body.

Sex helps to keep the figure in excellent shape
Sex certainly helps to always keep a good shape – directly and indirectly. Directly because it is a physical activity. Indirectly, because everyone strives to look good without clothes in bed.
Undisputed evidence is that during sex you are burning on average about 150 calories.

Sex gives the feeling of youth and beauty
Sex helps strengthen the immune system, the renewal of tissues in the body and acts as an antidepressant. Sex creates more feelings of happiness and joy, and it absolutely has a beneficial effect of the expression of the face, the brilliance of the eyes, skin condition, state of the soul.

Sex increases the level of hormones
During the sexual intercourse, the levels of testosterone and estrogen in the body are higher. Testosterone helps not only to sexual arousal, but also strengthens the bones and muscles and helps the normal functioning of the heart. Increasing the level of estrogen in women lowers the development of cardiovascular disease.

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