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Women like their cell phones more than their boyfriends

Women like their cell phones more than their boyfriends

Women love to talk. The constant conversations with friends are part of the everyday life of every woman.

Women like their cell phones more than their boyfriendsA new study, showed that women go too far when it comes to their mobile phone. In a study that involved 4000 women, it was revealed that women love their mobile phones more than their boyfriends.

Every fourth out of ten women said that she would be devastated if she lose her mobile phone, while a third of the women that were surveyed admitted that they could live happily without the presence of man in their life.

When they were asked what are the most precious things to them in the first place were their mothers, then their best photos that captured beautiful memories and their friends.

Research has shown that the precious things, cause women to smile sincerely at least 5 times a day.

It’s a really surprising fact that the women’s desire for men came fifth in the list of precious things. Even more interesting is that most women would change their partner if they are offered 700.000 pounds (over 1.000.000 US dollars).

The top 10 list of most precious things for women also includes a diamond ring (6th place), their pet (7th place), their laptop (8th place), hair straightener (9th place) and a handbag (10th place).

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