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How to know when he’s lying

We women sometimes exaggerate with our jealousy but sometimes we have the right to be paranoid. It is logical to ask: When can we doubt the faithfulness of our partner?  To help you to answer this question, below are given a few signs by which you can know whether he lies or everything is the product of your imagination.

He doesn’t look you in the eye. If he doesn’t look you in your eyes as you speak, then surely he’s hiding something. Always notice the signs that he’s body is giving. But do not be paranoid and do not blame him if he look on the other side. Men are not attracted by jealous paranoid women.
His story is constantly changing. First he was telling that he played billiard with friends, and later that was drinking beer with his colleagues. If his story is constantly changing, try to find out what really happened. You can start the investigation of his friends. But you should do it moderately without anyone to know that your intention is to espionage.
He lied before. If you have already caught him in a lie, you don’t have to be an expert to conclude that he can do it again. Many men often lie about small things in order to impress women. Therefore, if he lie ‘sweet’ so he can impress you, do not be obsessed with it and do not always blame him that he lie. But if his lies are common, it is best to discuss the reasons that encouraged him to lie. If you do not solve that problem with your partner, you will not have confidence, and every relationship that has no confidence is doomed to failure.
You have the feeling that he lies. If you feel that he is lying, the problem is bigger than itself as him lying. That means you do not trust the man you’re together with. A relationship can not be built without mutual trust. Talk on the subject and solve the problem before it destroys your relationship.

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