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Female Brain is More Active Than the Male

The female brain is more active than the male

A group of scientists found that the female brain is more active than the male, which in turn, gets a better rest.

The female brain is more active than the maleThe ability of men to not think of anything is based on the real fact that during a simple rest, the activity of brain neurons is much bigger in women than in men.

Asked whether this means that the female brain never rests, the scientists answered that the male brains are simply better in resting than women’s brains. They also said that in reality, all brains are always active. It is a question of what degree the female brain is more active, but one thing is for sure – a men’s brain rests more and better than women’s brain.

The scientists also said that it isn’t determined yet to what extent this difference is affected by social factors and hormones. In current circumstances, women are constantly busy with different things and have to keep things more under control than men, so something like this isn’t surprising.

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