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How to flirt with a guy without looking too obvious

How to flirt with a guy without looking too obvious

When it comes to flirting, in many movies there is a woman in tight clothes and deep neckline, that’s smiling at every free guy at the bar. But in reality, things aren’t always like that. Although this can be a tactic for flirting for some women and it might be successful in some men. other men might find it too obvious and cheesy. But don’t worry, there are another more sophisticated ways to flirt with a guy without looking too obvious and here they are:

How to flirt with a guy without looking too obvious

How to flirt with a guy without looking too obvious

Flirt with a guy – Don’t show too much skin

Your appearance speaks a lot about your character and if you show too much skin, men might think that you’re ‘easy’. Although men want to stare at women who show a lot of their body, they don’t take them very seriously and have little respect for them. With these kind of women they usually want to spend the night and nothing else. So you don’t have to show too much skin to look sexy and desirable. Stylish clothes and soft and gentle makeup is everything that you need to flirt with a guy without looking too obvious.

Flirt with a guy – Look him straight in the eyes

Eye contact is a great way to show that you are interested in him, but don’t stare at him for too long. Look at him for a few seconds but make sure that he notices that you’re looking at him and when he looks back, hold his look for couple of seconds and then look away and smile gently. Do this few times more and if he’s interested in you too, he’ll probably come to talk to you after the second look.

Flirt with a guy – Smile at him

A gentle and sincere smile will say that you’re interested in him and you want him to approach you and start a conversation with you. Because let’s be honest, no one wants to start a conversation with a woman who is arrogant, snobby and constantly frowning. Make sure that you’re relaxed, confident and in good mood. When you smile at him, make sure that he looks at you and give him a warm and sincere smile – with your lips and eyes.

Flirt with a guy – Start a simple conversation

Whether he’ll approach you, or you’ll approach a guy that you like, too, start with a simple conversation. You can start with introductions and later when you two are finished introducing yourselves, don’t start talking about the weather, just mention the music that you’re currently listening, a nice movie that you’ve recently watched or your favorite thing that you’ve eaten at a restaurant that he needs to try. Once you start a conversation, if there are sparks between you two, they’ll definitely start to fly.

Flirt with a guy – Show your sense of humor

When asked what they like most in a woman, most men answered – ‘her sense of humor’. Most men love telling jokes and joking in general, so they want a woman who will enjoy a good joke like they do. Also if you joke form time to time while you’re having a conversation, it’ll lighten the atmosphere and it’ll be easier for you two to interact. Just make sure that you don’t joke too much because some men might find that too childish.

Flirt with a guy – Control your body language

Body language can tell more about you than your words, so pay attention to your body language and what message you send him with it. To show that you’re interested in him you can tilt your head slightly towards him while you talk, if you’re standing you can slowly go closer and closer to him or you can ‘accidentally’ touch his hand and smile.

Flirt with a guy – Be yourself

If you try to show yourself in another light, someday if you two get closer for a longer period of time, he might learn who are you really and he might be disappointed when he gets to know you better. No mater if you’re looking for a serious boyfriend and you’re looking for fun, it’s best to be yourself.

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