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Aspirin mask

Very cheap and effective, aspirin mask is a version of BHA mask suitable for all types of skins. It is extremely efficient and can be prepared from salicylic acid powder sold in pharmacies and costs cents or a simple aspirin.

This mask will help you to clean your pores in depth and will give a fresh look on your face.

What is BHA? Beta hydroxy acid. One of its ingredients is salicylic acid which is used in cosmetics.

Preparation: 1 / 4 teaspoon of salicylic acid powder or 3-5 crushed aspirin tablets mixed with small amounts of water for one application on the face. Apply on dry, clean face, and focus on the T-zone. Allow it to dry. Get a cosmetic pad, wet it and start rubbing the face with circular motions. Finally, rinse well with water.

Try and make countless variations of this mask – you can add a crushed aspirin to some other homemade face mask, or to some crushed aspirins add a tablespoon of honey or yogurt.

You can add salicylic acid or crushed aspirin in clay or hydrating mask.

Warnings: Avoid eye area because the effects of this mask will be too aggressive on the delicate skin in this area. Do not exceed the dose to not burn your skin. After all this is acid.
Do not make this mask more than twice a week if you have oily skin or acne, and not more than once a week if your skin is dry or normal. If you feel your skin very irritated, rinse immediately with water.

Be sure to use sunscreen with high SPF protection after you use this mask.

Results: Effect is visible after the first time. You will feel your skin incredibly smooth and clean.