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Who says I love you first?

Saying the words ‘I love you’ is very significant moment in every relationship, even though today those words are often said in vain.

Opinion has always prevailed that men hide their feelings, and that women are more emotional and they have the courage to pronounce their love to their partner.

According to new research of psychologist Josh Ackerman, 64% of people think that most women say ‘I love you’ first. But the results showed that men are often those who first pronounce ‘I love you’.

To reach this conclusion, Ackerman interviewed 205 men and women for their current and past relationships. He also studied and how people feel when they hear ‘I love you’ before and after sex.

Women were happiest to hear ‘I love you’ before sex. Men, who did not want a serious relationship with her partner were happier to hear those words before sex, because it sounds in their ears as a sign that follows sex. On the other hand, men who have serious intentions towards their partner were happier when they hear ‘I love you’ after sex.

‘It shows that not all men are equal’ – said Ackerman.