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Happiness is like the letter ‘U’

Happiness is like the letter 'U'

Scientists say that happiness in people’s lives is moving in a ‘U’ line. This means that young people up to 25 years and older people over 65 are the happiest, and the most unhappy people are the middle aged.

Happiness is like the letter 'U'The reason for this is that young person in his early 20ties feels carefree and full of hope for good future, those over age of 65 don’t have so many responsibilities and challenges in life, but people who are middle aged have numerous obligations and they are active in all aspects of their life (career, family etc.)

When people reach 45, they feel most miserable and unhappy if they lose their job or lose a family member.

’25-year olds and 65-year-olds will agree that it’s better to be 25 than 65. But 65 year old person despite everything, is more satisfied because he have learned to be content with what he has’ – said the sientist who led the research.

Recently a US research, in which 341,000 people took part have shown that the level of happiness begins to rise in the late 40s and begins to decrease at 85 years of age.

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