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The thing called compromise

Life is not perfect. Every day before us are problems, which we need to solve. Love is not perfect. Constantly we have conflicts, which should solve the problem. As in politics, into the relationship most effective solution to the seemingly still unresolved conflicts is compromise.

Compromise as a challenge

The problem arises when the partners see the conflict as a situation from which either of them will lose or win. This thing makes the situation even more difficult to achieve compromise.

People always want to be right, but if you see your partner as competition or as an enemy, you can never effectively reach a compromise. Often in such cases, one partner gets the battle and the problem seems to be solved. But that solution is only short term.

The compromise should be part of everyday life for all pairs. It should not be seen as something that can be won, because compromise means ‘giving’ for the good of the relationship.

The power of compromise

The power of compromise is that both partners are satisfied with the result. Here are some tips on how to achieve it and to master the art called compromise.

Reach to the base of the problem. Before you do anything, you need to know what caused the problem. With the beginning of this search, begin a communication with your partner.

Communicate. If you do not communicate with your partner do not tell him how you feel, you are doing wrong. Each relationship is built on trust and communication, and when there is no basis, it will not be a long time before it is destroyed.

Stay calm. Never approach the discussion with stubbornness and arrogance. Do not raise your voice and do not make more tension than necessary. If you stay calm and sober you will avoid speaking things that would later make you regret that you said them.

Hear. Do not point the conversation only at your needs and shout out just your opinion. Stop and think for a moment. How would you feel if your partner takes over the conversation and you do not succeed to express yourself? Remember that if you listen to him, maybe you will change the position that you protect so strongly.

Do not blame each other. If you do not agree with your partner, it does not mean that you are right. Do not blame each other about who is right and who is not. Look at the things objectively.

Make a compromise. To reach a compromise, requires the approval of both of you. Both of you have to want to cooperate with each other. Find a solution that will leave you both happy, because only then the compromise will be effective.

The compromise is a mechanism for strengthening the relationship. You should do it so you will have relaxed and calm relationship.

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