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Beauty from the kitchen

Raw potatoes for swollen eyes. Many times we wake up with swollen eyes. Here the raw potato can help. Place grated raw potato on both eyes (4 tablespoons). Once you spend 15 minutes, wash it with lukewarm water.
Tea bags for dark circles around the eyes. Soaked in hot water two tea bags (chamomile is the best) and place them over your closed eyes. Leave to work for 15 minutes. The tannin in the tea helps reduce dark circles around the eyes.
Tomato for tightening the skin of your face. Cut tomato slice and rub it on your cleansed face.You’ll feel the effect of tomatoes immediately.
Salt and sugar for exfoliation. Salt and sugar are great for removing dead skin cells .Everything you need to do is to mixed salt or sugar with oil. If you use sugar, wash your sink well because it can become sticky.
Instead of Baby powder – corn starch. It stops the sweating and softens the skin. If you want it to have an aroma spray the starch with your favorite perfume.
Lemon for lighter hair. If you have blond or light brown hair, lemon will help you make it one or two shades lighter. After you Apply lemon to the hair, let it dry on the sun to get a better effect. Lemon helps to remove blemishes on the skin of the hands or knees and feet. Simply cut the lemon in half and rub them. Do not use lemon if you have sensitive skin.
Olive oil for hair and skin. Olive oil is a good ally of beauty. It softens the skin, also can be used as a conditioner for the hair, it softens the skin and strengthens the nails. You can use it to remove makeup too.
Aloe Vera for sunburned skin. It is best to use fresh leaves of aloe vera. Drain them and gel spread on your burned skin. Repeat the procedure for several days. You can also use Aloe Vera gel.
Honey as a lip balm. Honey is an excellent gift of nature to achieve the perfect look of skin. Honey softens the lips, it makes your skin throughout the body as soft and delicate silk and it is great moisturizer so use it for masks.
Chamomile for steaming the face. Steaming the face is a great way to open and thoroughly clean the pores of your face. You can do it at home by filling a bowl with hot water and put couple chamomile tea bags. Cover your head with a towel and stay with the face on the steam for 10 minutes. Chamomile helps the iritirated skin and soothes it and also helps in the treatment of acne.