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How to walk elegant and confident in high heels

Walk elegant and confident in high heels

High heels are always fashionable and chic. In fact as time passes, the height of the modern footwear is becoming higher, and we women must adapt to this trend.

Boots, shoes or sandals – you can select from many models, colors and materials. It is important that they have high heels so they’ll make you look taller, sexy and modern.

If you want to wear very high heels, but you’re not experienced and don’t know how to walk in them, here are a few tips and tricks that’ll help you to walk elegant and confident in high heels.

Walk elegant and confident in high heels

How to walk in high heels tip #1: Choose your high heels

The quality and comfort go hand in hand with a high cost. Of course there are exceptions, but every woman should invest in at least one pair of expensive high quality high heels. But before you buy your perfect pair of high heels, try to figure out where exactly and how often you will wear them. Then decide what kind kind of high heels and what size of the heel will be appropriate.

How to walk in high heels tip #2: Practice at home

Don’t wait for the last minute to put the new shoes on. If you do, you risk to get bruises on your feet. Is crucial to test the new high heels at home first. If they are tight, put on some socks and walk in them at home for at least for two hours to break them in.

How to walk in high heels tip #3: Increase the inches little by little

As your confidence increases, you should also increase the height of your heels. If you don’t want to make a collection of shoes with heels in different heights, here is an exercise that will help you to get used to your desired height.
Stand straight, relax your fingers and feet and lift your heels slowly. Shift your whole weight to the front of your foot. The feeling is the same like when you are in high heels. Go back in the normal position. Repeat this exercise whenever you can. If you easily lose balance, support yourself on a chair or a wall. That way your legs will become more stable and your feet will get used to the feeling of wearing very high heels.

How to walk in high heels tip #4: Relax your legs

Many women make two basic mistakes, that makes them to look ridiculous when they walk in high heels – they tighten their knees or let them get too loose. The legs should be relaxed. Move as you would normally do if you were walking on flats. Your heel should touch the ground first. Remember: whenever you take a step, your heel should hit the ground first, then the rest of your foot. Only then you will look natural and elegant.

How to walk in high heels tip #5: Suck your stomach in, pull your shoulders back and raise your chin

When you walk in high heels, the most important thing is balance. If you want to be more balanced, pull back your shoulders and tighten you abs a little. That way you’ll get the necessary balance and when you keep your head high it will make you more confident.

How to walk in high heels tip #6: Be elegant

Do not try to act like you are a model on the catwalk. If you’re just starting to walk in high heels, don’t put one foot in front of the other because you’ll easily lose your balance. Make your steps in a manner that won’t look like you torture yourself.

How to walk in high heels tip #7: Relax your hands

Try to keep your hands free and relaxed as much as possible and close to your body. It will make you look more elegant, natural and confident.

How to walk in high heels tip #8: Walk slowly

Make sure your make small steps. If you have to walk, you’ll need more time to get to a certain place, if you wear high heels so plan your time accordingly.

How to walk in high heels tip #9: Take care of your feet

Your feet need extra care and attention any time of the year and not only in the summer. Massage them regularly or enjoy a homemade spa treatment which you can enjoy at home.

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