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Speed up your metabolism

Your metabolism will not die when you are in your 30ties, nor is it uniquely quick during your 20ties. If you gain weight, probably in your daily life you are doing too many things that slow down your metabolism.

What slows down your metabolism?

Sitting. The less you move, the less energy your body burns. As a result, your metabolism gradually slows pace.

Constatnly calculating calories. If you give up the consumption of calories, your body slows down the metabolism. Clever solution: reduce the calorific value of your daily menu with up to 300 calories – so your body will not feel the negative adjustment, when you aim to lose weight.

Ageing. The metabolism slows down about 1% with every decade, says experts. To compensate, it is recommended every year to limit the food intake by 10 calories less.

How to speed up your metabolism?

Proteins. They are actively involved in the accumulation of muscle mass and the more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be. Try to consume 20-25% of your energy required per day by proteins.

Eat small meals often. Nutrition gives your body a kind of momentum as it stimulate it to work. So if you divide your daily menu to 4-5 servings, you will activate your metabolism.

Cardio exercises. Exercises that stimulate the work of your heart stimulates the work of your metabolism.

Persistent training. Do a regular physical activity that make your body to burn calories. With each pound of muscle, you will burn 50 more calories per day.