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Laugh more often – The health benefits of laughter

Laugh more often - The health benefits of laughter

In the good old days people have spent 18 minutes a day of laughter, but today they don’t spend more than six minutes.

Experts say children can laugh up to 300-400 times a day, and for adults this frequency drops to only 15 times a day.

Laugh more often - The health benefits of laughterMany researches have shown that laughter improves our health. It helps the heart and lungs. When a person laughs, the heart rate increases and the brain relaxes.

Hectic and busy life is associated with stress, which is said that it may indirectly cause many illnesses.

More than 70 percent of illnesses are linked to stress, tension and anxiety. To escape from stress, people turn to excessive eating, drinking or smoking.

However, the decision is quite simple and healthy – you just need to laugh more often, the researchers explain.

They also say that the best laughter is the open-mouthed laughter and that it’s the most useful. Giggling with your mouth closed, however, is counterproductive.

So forget the worries and laugh with all your heart, you’ll feel better and revitalized, and you’ll have more healthy and happy life.

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