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Married men are more social

Several studies have shown that married men are more responsible, less aggressive, less prone to breaking the law and mentally stronger than the bachelors.

But never before was clear whether marriage produces antisocial behavior in men, or if sociopaths rarely marry.

A study, suggests that both possibilities are true.

Scientists have traced 289 identical male twins to ascertain what impact has a wedding on otherwise similar men.

The results show that reduced levels of antisocial behavior in married men is more complex than from what was previously thought.

Marriage is generally useful for men, at least in terms of reducing the antisocial behavior, but evidence suggests that it is not accidental who marries and who does not.

The study tested men when they were 17, 20, 24 and 29 years and found that participants who had less antisocial behavior at 17 and 20, were more often married by the 29th year. After the wedding antisocial behavior decreased further.

Men who are less antisocial, marry more often and become more civilized after the wedding.

Scientists suggest that marriage affects the contacts with individuals with bad behavior, which also has an effect on the socialization of men.

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