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Rules of a summer fling

rules of a summer fling

There is something in the air during the summer months that makes people to flirt and experiment. The weather is hot, the dress code is ‘wear less clothes’ and it is the perfect time for a love adventure.

Rules of a summer fling, adventure and romance

Summer fling is great for people that are single

All of you who yearn for fun and romance, and you are not yet in a relationship, you have full right to enjoy a summer fling. But if you are married or in a serious relationship, then give up the love adventures before it’s too late.

Summer fling is great for increasing confidence

Summer means less clothes and showing off more skin, so it will make you feel more attractive and confident. The attention that you’ll receive from the boy that you choose will make you feel even better in your skin.

Summer fling is great for experimenting

Summer heat makes you more liberal and it is bringing thoughts about trying something new. Even if you have never had a brief love adventure, summer does make you want to try something new. And if you already had summer fling, this summer you might want to experience it in a completely different way, perhaps to try a new way of flirting.

Summer fling isn’t great for a long term relationship

Keep in mind that summer fling isn’t a long-term relationship, and it can probably never be. If you are looking for a romantic partner who will spend the rest of his life with you, summer romance is probably not what you looking for. Summer adventures usually involves two strangers who don’t live close to each other. Keeping a long term relationship is very difficult, especially after a few weeks, so it usually ends.

Summer fling isn’t great for solving problems in a relationship

You will never solve the problems in your relationship with cheating, you can only worsen the situation.

Summer fling isn’t great for something that you want to relive

Last year you were on vacation and you met someone interesting? This year don’t try to find him in the same place. Trying to relive the atmosphere with the same person may bring you disappointment. Many things will happen in your lives within a year and he might not be the same person anymore.

Rules of a summer fling

Far from home, in a relaxed atmosphere, it is easy to be carried off, to make a mistake and to leave with a broken heart. Well, it is necessary to know the rules of a summer fling.

Rule of a summer fling #1: Summer fling has a shelf life

It can last from one night to a maximum of 3 months. Before you start dating, determine a date when your summer romance is going to end. It can be the day when your summer vacation ends, the last day of your work through the summer and so on.

Rule of a summer fling #2: Set some limits

Make it clear to him that you are looking for fun and make sure that he agrees with it. Don’t bring yourself in a situation in which you’ll need to invent reasons to break up with him or to stay with him.

Rule of a summer fling #3: Don’t have a fling with a friend or colleague

Studies have shown that people have more chances to have fling in summer. You are on a vacation with company, and suddenly you are alone with your friend and your hormones start to boil? Or a colleague from work looks more attractive to you now? It is best for you to ‘cool down’. You should never start something short with anyone that you need to see throughout the year. It will only bring unpleasant situations.

Rule of a summer fling #4: Protect yourself

Don’t have sexual relations with someone you know only for one night or several days. Summer fling is best not to include sex, but if you still choose to be more intimate, make sure that you have a protected sex, this is very important.

Rule of a summer fling #5: Don’t expect much

When you agree to start a summer adventure, you should know that neither one of you has some kind of obligations to the other. Don’t expect that he will invite you to meet his friends or parents and so on. This summer adventure should be just for fun.

Rule of a summer fling #6: Be superficial

One of the benefits of a summer fling is that you shouldn’t be going into serious discussions about the future. Don’t reveal too many details of your personal life. Such summer adventures are interesting because they always have a certain amount of mystery. Have superficial talks, and don’t mix in the feelings.

Rule of a summer fling #7: Learn how to put an end to it

When the shelf life of a summer fling expires, it is necessary to formally put an end to it. That means no e-mails, no communication through social media and phone. Tell him that this was nice and don’t mention anything about staying in touch. Summer love romance is short-lived adventure that will bring beautiful memories. Have fun and if you like, add a few rules of your own that you will follow.

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