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8 true and false hair myths

8 true and false hair myths

Do you know that there are thousands of myths about your hair? And while some of them are true, the other are total nonsense. Here are 8 true and false hair myths:

8 true and false hair myths

Hair myth #1: Frequent trimming makes the hair thicker

The truth: The thickness of your hair is not affected by external factors, such as hair trimming. But frequent trimming removes the split ends thus making your hair look more shiny and healthy. Therefore, do not skip your visits to the hairdresser for a regular trim.

Hair myth #2: Your hair should be washed with shampoo just before dyeing

The truth: Actually if your hair and scalp are clean and you dye your hair immediately after shampooing, you’ll probably burn your scalp. This is especially true if you bleach or dye your hair lighter than your hair color. The natural oils will protect your skin and that way you won’t damage your scalp. If you have sensitive scalp and you’re afraid that the process of dying will cause irritation, then don’t wash your hair before dyeing.

Hair myth #3: Plucking the white hairs leads to the creation of many new ones

The truth: This is definitely a myth. White hairs are just one part of the inevitable process of aging. In some women white hairs appear earlier than others. White hairs are result from the absence of pigment in the hair follicle. Each hair has its own follicle. If you pluck  one white hair, the hairs around it will not become white until the pigmentation disappear from their follicles. Plucking one white hair would lead to growing only one white hair in the same place (from the same follicle).

Hair myth #4: Mascara will cover your white hairs

The truth: The mascara can help you cover the first few white hairs if you don’t want to use a hair color. To do this use a bit of mascara (that you don’t use for your eyes), and apply it slowly and on a small area so it won’t look artificial. Do this only in emergency cases and note that this cover-up lasts only for a few hours or until you wash your hair.

Hair myth #5: Mayonnaise and olive oil are good as a hair conditioner

The truth: The real mayonnaise contains fatty acids and proteins, which nurture and moisturize the hair. But be careful when using mayonnaise or olive oil as a homemade hair conditioner, because if you apply too much, you won’t be able to easily remove them from your hair.

Hair myth #6: Lemon juice lightens the hair

The truth: The lemon juice really lightens the hair, but only minimally and if you expose your hair to the sun after you apply it. This is a natural way of hair lightening and it is recommended to be used by people with light hair, because it won’t lighten the dark hair too much. If you have brown or darker hair, lemon juice can give your hair an orange tinge. If you want to change the color of your hair, it is better to use hair color. That way your hair will have a constant color.

Hair myth #7: Beer makes the hair shinier

The truth: Warm beer into a spray bottle sprayed on a wet hair is excellent homemade hair treatment for making your hair shinier and softer. It also adds body and volume to your hair. After you’ve washed your hair with shampoo and conditioner, rinse it with some warm beer and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with water and you’re done. The beer smell usually disappears when you rinse your hair or when your hair is dry.

Hair myth #8: Cosmetic products can help you remove the split ends

The truth: Some products manage to stick and moisturize the split and dry ends, but the only way to get rid of them is to trim your hair. To protect your hair from this unpleasant occurrence, use as less as possible hot appliances (hair dryer, flat iron etc) when you style your hair.

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