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What do men want in their 20ties, 30ties and 40ties

What do men want

If a beautiful woman passes by a group of men, they will instantly throw her a flirty looks, especially if she is in a short skirt. But do men care only for the appearance? Women want to be perceived not only as a beautiful body, but as an interesting person which will be valued for her individuality and personality.

Of course, not all men are the same, but the majority of them follow a certain pattern and do the same things. It is very difficult to answer the question ‘What do men want?’, but here are the things that most men probably want in their 20ties, 30ties and 40ties.

What do men want in their 20tes, 30ties and 40ties

What do men want in their 20ties –  Appearance and sex

The main goal to men in their 20ties is to start a successful career. As a regard to women, the more they have in their ‘collection’ the better. And of course, they must be beautiful so they can be ‘displayed’ to friends, which increases the male confidence.

When they meet a woman, the first thought of the 20-year-olds is ‘Do I want to have sex with her?’. The response depends on the development of the relationship, but these men generally don’t seek long-term relationships – they believe that it is too early for them  to settle down and have a family. Of course, this is not the case for the family oriented men – they want to have a family when they are still young and experience the joy of fatherhood.

When men are getting near their 30ties, after many failures with attractive, beautiful but sometimes stupid girls, they change their views of women – they are now starting to understand that appearance is not all what women have. They may also start to experience feelings and commit to one and only girl.

What do men want in their 30ties – Stability

30-year-old men now think about staring a family and realize the necessity of a home, and they also remember that it is time to have a child. They already perceive women differently. After the sexual experiments in their 20ties, they seek a woman that will be their wife and mother to their children.

30-year-olds already know that they will not spend their entire live in bed. After a successful career, they begin to think about new generation and start to experience the need for stability in their relationship. Of course, an attractive girl will always cause a strong heartbeat, but their real interest is in other things – they are looking for a woman that loves them and they love her back and with who they’ll have a child, not a fashion diva or model, thinking only about her looks.

What do men want in their 40ties – Companion and a soulmate

He’s 40 and still single? He’s either too attached to his mother, or spends too much time at work. In most cases it is usually a very good and well payed career, but he is starting to feel awfully lonely because there is no one with whom he can share his success. Men in 40ties are probably a bit more materialists than men in their 30ties, but they also need a woman take to care for them and to make them feel good.

When introduced to a woman, 40-year-olds do pay attention to the appearance, but if they understand that they can’t build a lasting relationship with her, they quickly lose interest. They want to be with a woman that will laugh at their jokes and share the same interests, and they can give love and attention to each other. It’s no longer just to find a lover or a wife, but a friend with whom they can share the rest of their lives.

Of course, these are some general things that most men want in their lives, but all men are not the same. Who knows, maybe you will find the man of your life when you both are in your 20ties and you will have a beautiful life together. Life is a surprise and not all men are the same, so if you still haven’t found ‘the one’, you might find him sooner than you think.

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