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Romantic love can last forever

Many people believe that romantic love disappears over time, then the partners stay together because of habit or a sense of obligation. But recent studies show that romantic love can last forever and lead to happier and stronger relationship.

Often is considered that romantic love is the same as passionate love. The truth is that romantic love has the same intensity and sexual allure as a passionate love, but with the exception of obsession. Obsessive love is accompanied by feelings of insecurity and anxiety and never exists long.

To reach that conclusion, two researchers made 25 studies involving more than 6000 men and women who were on short or long relationship.

The results published in the Review of General Psychology, found that partners who said they feel romantic love, are very satisfied, whether they are short time together, or their relationship is several years old. It increases their confidence and they are much happier.

The head of this research said that people should change their opinion for what to expect from the long relationship. Most people expect their initial romantic love to move to a friendly relationship, but that’s not the way it should be. Partners should fight to keep the flame of love which had begun when they started a relationship and to not give up that pleasure.

In another survey of Stony Brook University, researchers used brain scans to prove that true love can last a lifetime. They scanned the brain of couples who have been together for 20 years and couples who just started their relationship. The results showed activity in the same regions of the brain and in all pairs.

Does true love last forever? New research confirms that, so do not give up the love. True love lasts forever.

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