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How and when to wear smoky eyes

When to wear smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are the most common choice for an evening and special occasion makeup, because it makes you look more mysterious and sexy. The best thing is that you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to do smoky eyes, all you need is some good makeup brushes and few eye shadows and you’re good to go.

But, even if you are familiar with the technique of creating the perfect smoky eyes, maybe you’re not sure when it’s appropriate to wear this particular eye makeup. Smoky eyes are suitable for special occasions and mostly for night events, but there are ways of balancing the colors and make it suitable for wearing it during the day.

When to wear smoky eyes

When to wear smoky eye makeup

With simple colors and few techniques you can create smoky eyes that will look sultry and sexy. But if you’re not into the dark and mysterious smoky eyes, you can create a more natural smoky eyes that look elegant and sophisticated. The techniques in both looks are the same, you only have to use different shades of eyeshadows to create the smoky eyes that are perfect for you.

Smoky eyes are usually created by mixing several shades of deep dark colors and using a little bit of highlighter. Once you create this eye look, your eyes will become mysterious and smoldering. Usually smoky eyes are suitable when you go on:

Formal evening events

For formal evening events like going to a fancy restaurant, the theater or a fancy party, you need to create light and sophisticated smoky eyes using natural and earthy shades of eyeshadow. Too heavy and dark smoky eyes will look intrusive and won’t match your elegant outfit.

Bars and night clubs

If you’re going out with your friends to a bar or a night club. you can wear darker and heavier smoky eyes since bars and night clubs are often dimmed and not particularly light. Also when you go out, you’re probably going to wear a more modern and edgier outfit and dark smoky eyes go great with that.

Summer nights and beach parties

You can also wear smoky eyes when you go to a night walk on the beach with your partner or if you go to night beach parties. For these occasions, the smoky eyes shouldn’t be dark and heavy, but colorful and fun. Use colorful eyeshadow tones like purple or turquoise to create a fun summery look.

How and when to wear smoky eyes during the day

Although smoky eyes are considered the most sexy make-up, along with the ‘cat-eye’, it can be transformed and you can wear smoky eyes during the day too. Here’s how:

Work with a neutral tones

You can create smoky eyes with a natural eyeshadow palette, and come up with a look that’s suitable for wearing it during the day. Instead of working with the usual black and gray shades, choose ivory or bronze shades.

Use a solid color

Instead of layering many colors, you can work with only one solid eyeshadow color and one highlight color for the day makeup. Think of shades like gold highlighter and copper eyeshadow if you have blue or green eyes and light ivory highlighter and brown eyeshadow, if your eyes are brown.

Remember, no matter when and where you prefer to wear smoky eyes, the rest of your makeup should be neutral, your lips should be only slightly glossy and your cheeks should have a natural blush. Wearing smoky eyes means that you want to draw attention only to your eyes and not to the rest of your face.

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