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How to look perfect on the beach

To look perfect on the beach is not that easy for many women: when clothes are so small it is difficult to be hide the defects. And somehow it is not normal to stay on the beach wearing normal clothes, not only because of what people will think, but because – ultimately, one of your reasons to go to the beach is to get a tan.
What can you do to feel comfortable when you go to the beach?

1. Use accessories
Properly selected accessories distract the attention from defects in the figure and they create a wonderful impression. Stylish sun glasses, hat and beach bag can make any woman a stylish lady.
It is important to carefully decide what accessories to use. This depends on the place where you are headed to. There is a difference whether you will sunbathe at the edge of a pool, the beach, or someone summer house.

2. Take care of your tan
There is the following pattern: the lighter skin you have, the less the chances to get a tan fast.If it is difficult to get a tan, prepare yourself with some fake tan.

3. Forget the shapeless clothes
Beach wardrobe does not contain wide loose clothes. On the contrary – choose those that will show the advantages of your figure and will make it visually more beautiful. If you want to hide your feet – take a long sarong.
If you want the full effect ‘slender figure’, choose fabric, without design in one solid color.

4. Moisturize your skin
Both internally and externally. Drink more fluids, and twice a day use moisturizing creams and body lotions. So your skin will look fresh and young.

5. Choose your strategic bathing suit
First think what  kind of swimwear you want before you go to the store. If you need one that will hide your belly, give preference to the one-piece models and if you want to boast your figure – get a bikini.The choice of swimwear is one of the most important tasks before you go on the beach.

6. Remember about the details
Manicure and pedicure must be done. The shape of the eyebrows should also be ideal. Of course, any self-respecting woman today would not be put off to the beach, if she do not removed the hair on her legs, underarms and other areas where it is necessary.

7. Take care of your hair
The summer is ideal to change your hairstyle. Why not experiment with a new haircut or hair color? This will help you adjust to new experiences and be more confident with your appearance.