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Reading books will make your life better

reading books make life better

We live in a very busy world, and the lack of free time encourages us to choose the movie before the book on which the movie is based. However, there isn’t an excuse strong enough to justify why we abandon the paper sources of knowledge and inspiration. Reading books undoubtedly makes life better and more fun. Here’s why you should enjoy reading a good book now and then:

reading books makes life better

Books kill boredom and make time ‘fly’:

Sometimes a dozens of TV channels and the Internet can’t save us from boredom. Books kill boredom and in the same time they fill our brain with knowledge and life lessons. Do you travel a lot? Are you stuck on a long flight? Do you need to wait  for something for several hours? Time will literally fly by if you choose to read a good book. Hours become minutes when you are reading an exciting book.

Reading books is fitness for the brain:

The brain is not a muscle but it needs exercise to stay in good shape. Reading books is a fun mental stimulation that keeps the brain active. The more you train your brain, the stronger and healthier it will be and it will work great even when you’re older. Studies confirm that regular reading reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly and slows the progression of the disease.

Reading improves memory and concentration:

To understand the book, you need to remember a lot of information about the actual story – the diversity of the characters, their names, their past, intentions, ambitions and so on. This improves brain function, increases the intellectual capacity and strengthens the memory. Also, when you read , you must stay focused on the action so you will not miss the most important parts of the book. By trying to reveal the meaning that is hidden in the words, you won’t allow your brain to be distracted and that way you can improve your concentration.

Reading is an effective method for relaxation:

Books will give you the opportunity to escape from the everyday life, problems and commitments and to temporarily forget everything stressful that happens around you. By stepping into a new world of books, you’ll have a certain way of de-stressing the mind and body and this will make you calm and relaxed. Studies show that when you get into the world of well written book, you can reduce your stress levels by almost 80%.

With new books you can learn new things:

You can learn something new even from the worst books. When you read about new cultures and places around the world, learning lessons from others’ mistakes and consuming wisdom from the authors, you constantly upgrade your knowledge. Each book feeds your brain with new information and it makes you wiser and more prepared for the adventure called life.

Reading strengthens the parent – child relationship:

As a parent, you are an example for your children and if they see you reading a book, they are more likely to fall in love with reading too. Reading has the power to strengthen the parent – child relationships. Reading to your children before bed, will reinforce the relationship and also you’ll spend some quality time with your loved ones. Books will also awaken their creativity. With each new book, your children will enter into a new world that breaks down the boundaries set in the human mind. By analyzing the thoughts and opinions in the book, it awakens the imagination and boosts creativity.

Books improve social life:

When you meet a person who likes your favorite author, you’ll immediately feel a connection and you can easily engage in a conversation. Books are not only creating new friendships, they’re also an inexhaustible source of conversations with old friends. Books provide a solid foundation for a better and deeper understanding of human relationships. So in this cold winter nights, the best thing to do is to grab a cozy blanket, a cup of hot tea and your favorite book  and enter the exciting world of a good book.

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