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Half of men’s clothes are bought by their women

Half of men's clothes are bought by their women

Men generally hate to go shopping, so they often wear what their partners choose them to wear.

Half of men's clothes are bought by their womenOne research has shown that men have bought only 30% of the clothes which they possess by themselves . Their girlfriends / wives have purchased them more than half of their clothes, while the rest comes from gifts from friends or relatives.

These findings came after the researchers analyzed the habits of 1984 adult men aged 18 to 50 years.

Interestingly, the results indicate the fact that women spend 2 hours per month, or 24 hours per year (or 40 days during their life) shopping for their boyfriends or their husbands.

On the other hand, men spend 50 minutes per month or 16.6 days during their life, going through the shops looking for clothes.

‘Some men are afraid. They must ensure that their wife, girlfriend or mother will like what they have bought. There are men who fall in love with certain shoes, but then they give them up because their woman doesn’t approve. For others, the advice that their woman give is encouraging’ – one researcher said.

The research results confirm and discovered that 68% of men admit that they wear clothing that a woman has chosen.

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