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Summer Fashion Trends – What’s In For Summer

Summer Fashion Trends - What's in for summer

Summer fashion trends are an essential part of every new summer season and this summer is no exception. Even if you don’t like to experiment too much, the summer fashion trends shouldn’t scare you because they can definitely suit every different style and taste.

Whether you are a girl that follows the latest summer fashion trends or you’re a rebel that creates her own trends, here are a several summer fashion trends that will hopefully give you an inspiration for your summer outfits.

Summer Fashion Trends - What's in for summer


Summer fashion trend – Large jewelry

Really large statement pieces of jewelry are extremely trendy this summer. It can be one big piece that is made from many small pieces or just one single large piece. And don’t be afraid to invest in such jewelry, you can wear it not only in summer but during the whole year.

When it comes to the color, you can choose any color that you like from metallic to pastel colors, but keep in mind that your statement jewelry should match the style of your outfit and the color of your garments.

Summer fashion trends – Bright bags

Small bags in bright colors are always trendy in summer. If you don’t know what color to chose, invest in small fiery red bag because it goes with all kinds of outfits and it can brighten up every colorless outfit. Red also looks great in classic and elegant outfits because not only it complements the classic little black dress beautifully, but it can also be combined with white, gray or any dark color.

Furthermore, instead of bright red, you can choose a small bag in any bright color, like bright pink, yellow, green or blue. These bright colored small bags will make any dull outfit more interesting and summery.

Summer fashion trends – Cat eye sunglasses

The classic cat eye glasses are coming back in trend almost every summer and these couple of summers are no exception. Even though they don’t look good on every face shape, they can be a real statement piece if you are a lucky one that can sport these sunglasses. You can definitely try to find sunglasses for your face shape and see if cat eye sunglasses look good on you.

The frames can be in any color, but black, brown and red are a classic. The best thing about these sunglasses is that they can be combined with every kind of outfit: from modern and futuristic, to elegant and glamorous. So put your red lipstick on and cat eye sunglasses and you’ll feel like you’re in the golden Hollywood era.

Summer fashion trends – Airy dresses

Summer dresses should be made of lightweight materials and they should make you feel cool and comfortable. It’s great if you choose cotton or linen summer dress, but if you can choose even more airy fabric like chiffon or silk, make sure that the dress is lined with cotton or other breathable fabric. You can choose any color that you like or any kind of pattern, but you can’t go wrong with pure white or small floral pattern.

Summer fashion trends – Lightweight pants

Forget the skinny tight jeans that outline every curve of your body. It’s time to comb through your closet and make some room for summer pants. Of course, jeans are a classic and they always look good, but in summer you might want to wear shorts or airy summer pants. And if you think that in summer you should wear shorts only, in the office or some formal occasions it’s much more presentable to wear pants and blazer.

When you want to wear something casual in a chilly night’s out, you can always choose your favorite jeans but make sure that they’re comfortable. You can choose either low or high waisted pants or jeans.

Summer fashion trends – Lace garments

Even though lace is popular for quite sometime, it’s still popular this summer season. Lace clothes from dresses to blouses and even accessories are still a great choice. Choose antique looking lace, it’ll give you more romantic and individual look. But you can also choose stretchy lace, especially for tight fitting blouses and dresses.

For the lace garments it’s best to choose the monochromatic colors, especially white, but you can also choose black and gray. If you want to add some color into your look, wear a garment in your favorite color under the lace.

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