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Women and the bikini fear

Women and the bikini fear

Summer is fast approaching, and certainly we think more of summer vacation and leisure on the beach. But if there is one thing that scares women when it comes to enjoying the sun on the beach, it is how they look in a bikini.

According to research, women aren’t so worried that men will consider them sexy or not when they are wearing bikinis, they are more concerned about the criticism from other women.

80% of women said that when they wear two-part bikini, women around them give them a critical glances and also they carefully ‘measure’ them from head to toe. 89% agreed that women are the biggest and toughest critics on the beach or at the poolside.

Women are very self-critical towards their body. That’s why 60% of the respondents believe that other women are in better shape than them, while 53% feel jealous and insecure when they are close to another woman with a ‘dynamite’ body.

Women and the bikini fearAfter all of this data, the fact that only 11% of women feel confident when they wear a bikini probably won’t surprise you.

Here are some interesting facts about the women-bikini relationship:

Women think that Jennifer Aniston has the most appropriate body for a bikini. 37% of the participants said that they want a body like Aniston. Women mostly want to have a bikini body as:

Jennifer Aniston (37%)
Jennifer Lopez (27%)
Beyonce (20%)
Cameron Diaz (11%)
Gwyneth Paltrow (6%)

More than 80% of women would rather go on the beach with a friend with perfect bikini body, than with a friend who will immediately upload some photos on social media from their visit to the beach.

43% of women would forever give up all kind of social media if they have a body like a bikini model. Another 23% would give up their mobile phone for a nice body, but they won’t give up their phone for longer than a year.

Every fifth woman would go on a nudist beach.

Cleavage is the part of the body that most women want to show when they go to the beach.

If some male celebrity has invited them to the beach, 36% of women would refuse him, just because they believe they are not in good shape.

25% of women don’t believe that there is someone who is honest enough to openly tell them if they look pretty in a bikini.

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