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Have Gorgeous Nails for a New Year’s Eve Party

Have Gorgeous Nails for a New Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is one of those nights when everyone wants to look their best. We women often spend long hours in preparation for the New Year’s Eve party and we definitely pay more attention to our makeup and hairstyle. But no mater how important our hair and make-up is, we can all agree that our hands, especially our nails, shouldn’t be ignored.

Manicure at home for some can be a pure torture, and for others can be a real entertainment. But you have to know that you don’t need professional help if you want to have beautiful nails for a New Year’s Eve party. Here are some tips on how to have gorgeous nails for a New Year’s Eve party:

Have Gorgeous Nails for a New Years Eve Party

How to have gorgeous nails for a New Year’s Eve party

Nails for a New Year’s Eve party – Louboutin Nails

The Louboutin nails look really interesting, but this manicure will look its best only if you have fairly long nails. It is inspired by the famous shoes that every woman has or wants to have. The look really classy and sophisticated and they are the perfect idea for nails for a New Year’s Eve party.

To create the Louboutin nails, apply black nail polish (or whatever color you like) onto your nails, and fill in the inside of our nails (the under side) with red nail polish.

Nails for a New Year’s Eve party – Short dark nails

For several years in a row, the short well-shaped nails, painted with dark nail polish in strong accented color are really fashionable. They are also the perfect nails for a New Year’s Eve party if you don’t have much time but you still want your nails to look great.

If you don’t want to complicate things and you want a simple manicure, use nail polish in dark blue, Bordeaux, metallic, dark brown or black. The dark blue color will give you special and glamorous look.

The color that you should choose should compliment your outfit, but for New Year’s Eve party  you can break this rule and choose whatever color you like.

Nails for a New Year’s Eve party – Reversed French Manicure

You can make the classic French manicure more fun and more festive if you use a variety of darker colors, instead of the standard ones like beige or pink and white.

To get more interesting nails for a New Year’s Eve party try creating the reverse French manicure. You can do one or two half moons (at both ends of your nails) just choose what looks best on you.

To make this manicure, follow these steps:

1. Paint your nails with a pale pink or white color (you can actually use any color that you want, but these are the most used). Wait until completely dry.
2. With a small tape (it’s also great if you have stickers for a French manicure), cover the area at the bottom of your nails (at your cuticles), where you have your natural white half moon (Lunula).
3. Apply two layers of darker nail polish from the center of your nails all the way to the tip of your nails. You can choose black, Bordeaux, dark blue or dark brown color.
4. Once your nail polish is dry, remove the tape carefully.
5. Apply top coat onto your nails and you are done.

If you are skilled enough you probably won’t need any tape or stickers to form the half moons.
If you decide to use black nail polish, but you don’t want to create a really obvious contrast between the colors, rather than white, use pearl white or beige varnish. For an extra sparkle use silver or gold nail polish.

Of course, these are only part of all the interesting ideas for nails for a New Year’s Eve party that you can make at home.

If you have more free time and you are sufficiently precise and skillful, you can create a real work of art on your nails. Just be careful not to exaggerate. Although New Year’s party is all about sparkle and shine, it’s also necessary to show some style.

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