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Snacking in front of the computer – bigger appetite

Many of us absentmindedly reach for cake or a sandwich with one hand while rattling on the computer keyboard with the other.

British scientists say that eating in front of the computer generates the need for a late breakfast for the rest of the workday.

Researchers have analyzed the ways in which memory and attention affect appetite.

They divided the participants into two groups – ones had lunch while playing solitaire on the computer and the other ate without distraction.

The team found that those whose attention is occupied with the computer, feel less full after the lunch. Half an hour later distracted participants consumed about twice as many snacks (small items Рwaffles, candies, biscuits) in comparison with others.

Researchers concluded that distractions can lead to increased food intake later in the day which could have a significant impact on obesity.

Previous studies have noted a similar effect in people who eat while watching TV.

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