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Playing Sudoku will help you burn more calories

Playing Sudoku will help you burn more calories

If you avoid physical activity, but you still want to burn calories from the chocolate that you just ate, try with the mental activity. Mental exercises like puzzles and quizzes on average burn 90 calories an hour.

Playing Sudoku will help you burn more caloriesIt is confirmed by a group of experts, who believe that the brain can burn calories, just like the body does.

The researcher said: ‘Our brains require 0.1 calories a minute just to survive. But when we do something that is challenging, puzzle or quiz, the brain can burn 1.5 calories a minute’.

The brain is made of millions of nerve cells – neurons, which communicate with each other, conveying information. Neurons produce neurotransmitters that enable the transmission of information. The creation of the neurotransmitters use up to 75% of the glucose calories and 20% of the oxygen in the blood.

Therefore, solving a difficult crossword puzzle or Sudoku can burn you more calories.

When you think a lot the brain needs energy from somewhere. The brain takes this energy from the calories.

But all this doesn’t mean that with the help of thinking you can lose weight. The energy used by the brain doesn’t come from fat. Unlike sugars, fats can’t be broken down to glucose.

Perhaps solving Sudoku can help you to use your free time better, because it will develop your mental abilities and you’ll burn some calories, but if you really want to get rid of some weight, you must think of some kind of diet and a physical activity.

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