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7 Surprising Things That Can Give You a Headache

7 Surprising Things That Can Give You Headache

Everyone gets a headache from time to time, and sometimes it happen for no apparent reason. In this case, you’re probably trying to find out what caused it. And believe it or not, some or the causes can be really surprising. Here are 7 surprising things that can give you a headache:

Important! In you have a constant and really painful headache, consult your doctor immediately.

7 Surprising Things That Can Give You Headache

Thing that can give you a headache – Red wine

Red wine, like many types alcoholic beverages, contains tyramine, a compound that can cause headache. Another food that contains this compound are most types of aged cheeses, fermented foods and some cured meats. So next time when you want to enjoy some red wine and platter of aged cheeses, make sure to eat and drink moderately.

Thing that can give you a headache – Hot weather

When temperatures are increasing, the risk of severe migraine and or headache also increases. Studies show that when the temperature rapidly increases well over the normal temperature for the season, the risk of headache also increased by about 7.5%.

Thing that can give you a headache – Strong smell

A strong smell may trigger migraines and headaches in many people, whether it’s pleasant or not. This probably happens because the strong smell stimulates the nervous system. Often the source of a strong scent that can cause headache is paint, nail polish, certain perfumes or just flowers.

Thing that can give you a headache – Bad posture

Does working on the computer slouched with your chair set too low or too high or holding your phone between your ear and your shoulder sounds familiar? These are just some of the body postures that can cause headaches. If you have problem with headaches, try to have a good body posture.

Thing that can give you a headache – Hair accessories

The way you wear your hair may be a cause of headache. If your wear your hair in tight ponytail, it pulls your scalp and this can lead to headache. Sometimes tight headbands or hair clips may cause too much pressure on your scalp and it can cause an uncomfortable pain. If this is the reason for your headache, feel free to let your hair loose and you’ll immediately get a sense of relief and the headache will eventually stop.

Thing that can give you a headache – Smoking

We all know that smoking is a well known cause of headache. This applies not only to the person smoking the cigarette, but also for everyone around him. Even if you’re not a smoker, be sure that you’re protected from inhaling the smoke. This will reduce the chances of you getting an unpleasant headache.

Thing that can give you a headache – Unhealthy diet

Headaches caused by hunger, aren’t always obvious. If you skip a meal, you may get a headache, even before you realize that you’re hungry. The reason for this is the low blood sugar level in your body. Don’t try to satisfy your hunger with chocolate. Eating sweets when you’re really hungry can cause a short-term spike in your blood sugar levels and you’ll get an even bigger headache.

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