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Relieve headache with the Hoku acupressure point

Relieve headache with the Hoku acupressure point

Chinese people believe that any illness or pain is the result of disturbed flow of energy in the body. The Hoku acupressure point is located on the hand and it’s believed that a pressure on this point can affect the stream of energy and balance it. It’s said that people can relieve headache with the Hoku acupressure point.

Important! If you have a persistent and intensive headache, consult your doctor immediately.

Relieve headache with the Hoku acupressure pointHow to find the hoku point?

The Hoku point is and acupressure point located on your palm between your thumb and index finger. To find it you need to bring this two fingers together. The Hoku point is in the place where you can feel the small muscle tightens and pops up.

How to relive headache with hoku point?

Once you find the hoku point, with the other hand place your thumb above and the index finger on the bottom of the hoku point. Give a little pressure to the point, rub it in circular motion and gently massage it. Do this for one to two minutes and then change hands. After few minutes you should feel a relief from your headache. This is a simple thing that you can do anytime and everywhere.

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