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Am I pregnant?

If you are in unusually good harmony with your body, you may suspect that you are pregnant even in the first few days of your pregnancy. But for most women the first sign indicating that they may become mothers is the absence of menstruation.

However, the absence of menstruation can be caused by many reasons, so don’t rush with the conclusions based on only one symptom. To be sure, consider whether you have other symptoms.

Here are the five most common symptoms of early pregnancy. You may experience all of them, but some women can experience none of these symptoms.

The period is late. This is the clearest sign that you might become a mother. But it should not be taken for granted. Stress and many other factors can cause irregular menstrual cycle.
Frequent urination. Even in the early stages of pregnancy, future mothers often begin to wet more. At the end of pregnancy, the uterus is increasing the pressure on the bladder, so be ready for frequent visits to the toilet.
Fatigue. Fatigue is one of the first signs of pregnancy. It is the result of higher levels of the hormone progesterone in the body of future mothers.
Morning nausea. Morning nausea not necessarily means that it will occur only in the morning. In some women the so called ‘morning’ nausea lasts throughout the day. About half of pregnant women have morning nausea with expresed with vomiting.
Sensitive breasts. If you are pregnant, your breasts will become sensitive to touch, like before you get your period. This symptom occurs because of the increased level of hormones in the body.
If you have these symptoms or have felt part of them, do you test for pregnancy as soon as possible.

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