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Choose coral color this winter

Choose coral color this winter

Coral color is one of the most attractive colors for this season. It can be used in short skater dresses, but can also be used in cocktail dresses and in ball gowns and prom dresses. Combined with purple shoes and jewelry it is highly fashionable option.

Choose coral color this winterCoral combines great with turquoise and green.But you shouldn’t throw out the little black dress, which must be present in every woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t like wearing black dresses, another great option is dark blue or royal blue.

Fashion designers this season give attention to the colorful silks, combined with tulle and matching accessories and shoes. Asymmetrical cuts, dresses in different lengths are also a great option.

Silver is also modern especially during the cold days. It can be also used in sport clothing, in business suits, and any kind of formal wear. Ladies with darker skin tone and hair should be careful when they combine this color. If you choose a dark gray dress, you must make sure that your additional accessories such as jewelry, bag, makeup are in a warm color or maybe gold.

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