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Sexual excitement – men vs women

Sexual excitement - men vs women

Sexual excitement usually occurs before the intercourse as a result of physical and mental stimulation. It causes physiological changes that in some people are more emphasized, and in others – not so much.

Sexual excitement is far more complicated for women than men. It’s no secret that men can get excited pretty easily, so that why people say that the women’s excitement is in their head, and men’s – between their legs.

Sexual excitement - men vs women

What excites men and women?

Men love to watch, and usually what they see is what excites them. That doesn’t mean that women don’t like what they see, but they usually need something more than just candy for the eyes. Women need an emotional connection with their partner, attention, romantic atmosphere etc.

Men are very predictable when it comes to making love, while the sexual excitement in women depends on many other factors.

Men are usually much more specific in terms of what excites them, compared with women. In a research, heterosexual men and women were asked what excites them and then they watched erotic films.

Men were aroused by films in which the intimacy was between man and woman or woman and woman. In contrast, heterosexual women said they are excited only in movies that show woman and man being intimate, but they also showed equal signs of excitement at seeing all the erotic films. At the end of the study experts determined that women aren’t attracted to sex, but by the personality of the participants in the films and they were also noticing the personality of the actors like kindness and sense of humor.

Indeed, the fantasies that excite men differ from women’s fantasies. Sexual fantasies of women often involve a handsome man, romantic gestures and emotional and physical intimacy, while men think about certain parts of the female body and having multiple partners.

What happens with men and women when they feel sexual excitement?


1. Increased breathing and increased heart rate

2. Increased body temperature

3. Widening of the eye pupils

4. Redness of the face by 50-75% of women

5. Hardening of the nipples

6. Wet intimate area

7. Increased labias and clitoris


1. Increased heart rate

2. Increased blood pressure

3. Widening of the eye pupils

4. Redness of the face by 25% of men

5. Hardening of the nipples of the breasts by 60% in men

6. Enlargement of the testicles

7. Erection

Don’t forget the foreplay – it is the creator of sexual excitement. Most importantly, the excitement gradually is increases until you both reach the top.

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